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MIG Capital

Interview with MIG Bank Technical Strategist
Investing.com Interviews Bijoy Kar- Technical Strategist at MIG Bank
Published On: Sep 21, 2011
Investing.com Interviews Bijoy Kar- Technical Strategist at MIG Bank Investing.com Brokers Interview

1. What is your name and position?

Bijoy Kar.  Technical Strategist.

2. What is your professional background?

I have over 14 years of experience in the financial industry, working within FX and bond markets.  I am a CFA charterholder with a BSc and Msc in Applied mathematics from Imperial College in London.

3. Who are your targeted audience?

Foreign exchange investors/traders of all account sizes and experience.

4. Is your main focus of your business online or offline?


5. Why should a trader choose YOU over another broker?

We provide independent research with a long-term aim to have profitable strategies.  We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible.  A clients entire trading process can be explained to them at every stage.  In fact we have won an industry award for our transparency.  In this way an investor can have confidence from the beginning that the trading process is trustworthy.

6. What advice do you have for someone who is just starting to trade the Forex market?

Take time to understand your own personality and then trade on a simulator for a number of months in order to determine which markets suit you.  Make sure you remain disciplined even though you are not trading real money, as it is vital that you apply the same process when real money is being risked.

7. How different is the Forex market today from what it was 2 years ago?

The market is not substantially different in terms of the behavior of investors/traders, which remains the same throughout time.  The one thing that we do have hanging over the market is the possibility that in our working lives we will see the return of currencies like the Deutsch Mark, which is very exciting.

8. Do you also offer Fund management services?

This is something that we plan to do in the very near future.  Work in progress.

9. Who are your main competitors in the on-line Forex market?

IG Markets.

10. Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?

Continuing to expand in my role here at MIG, hopefully getting involved with the asset management side of the business, as that is developed.  In an industry that is driven by technology I also plan to use my mathematical training to quantify the markets more scientifically, a continual career long process.  As long as I am learning, I will be happy!
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