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Interview with Barry Norman from iOption
iOption’s believes that together through teamwork and partnership our clients can become successful and profitable traders
Published On: Dec 15, 2011
iOption’s believes that together through teamwork and partnership our clients can become successful and profitable traders Answers below:

1. Please give us a brief introduction about yourself - What is your position? What is your professional background?
2.      Who is your target audience?
3.       Why should a trader choose YOU over another provider?
4.       Please describe the trading platforms available to your clients?
5.       What other services do you offer your customers to support their investment decisions and/or trading?
6.       Walk us through opening an account with your company.
7.       What advice do you have for someone who is just starting to trade the markets?
8.       What would you say are the most common mistakes traders make? What are some of the best trading practices to keep in mind?
9.       What’s your view on the economy? What are the implications on the currency, equity and commodity markets?

I am Barry Norman; I am the content, news and education manager at iOption. I have over 30 years working with financial services and products. I hold an MBA in finance and have taught commodities trading classes. I was the original founder of the Circle of Information, a trader’s forum and newsletter that predated computers and email. Currently I am also a New Analyst for FxEmpire and forex commentator for ManagerAccounts.com. You can find my blog: winningwithoptions  and I have just published a new book on trading options, which is available through Amazon.com, entitled “Zoom to Success Trading Binary Options”. I currently write a daily newsletter that is circulated to close to 25,000 subscribers.

At iOption, we try to build relationships with our clients, even though we are one of the most advanced online platforms, iOption’s believes that together through teamwork and partnership our clients can become successful and profitable traders. It is the iOption’s credo and promise.

There are many online trading platforms available to traders today, almost all offer bonuses and promotions, basic learning and educational tools and a wide variety of trades. What makes the difference is the belief at iOption that all of our traders should be successful and if not, the failure is ours. Not only do we offer a complete knowledge center, but we provide 1- on-1 training, regardless of your account balance. The iOption Academy is one of the most advanced interactive and live training and education facilities offered anywhere. Our enrollment is free, our beginner’s course is free and our advance courses are available to our clients.

Our Account Managers work very hard building personal relationships with our clients and traders.

There are two steps to becoming a trader with iOption; they are both simple and easy. You begin by simply registering, you provide us your name, phone, email address and choose a password. This simple process allows you to access all the features of our site. You can also enroll in our academy. It is up to you, if you want to proceed to actually open a trading account that will allow you to begin to trade. You select the trading account which fits your needs, ranging from our Trial Account to our Privileged Account; you then make your initial deposit and provide proof of identity as required by law. You can begin to trade as soon as you make your deposit but we will need your documents in short order. You will automatically be assigned an experienced and trained Account Manger, who will help you on your way and make sure that you get all the features and bonuses you have selected or are eligible for.

It is my belief and iOption’s also, that an educated trader is the most successful investor. If you are just starting out in the markets or have had prior failures, a bit of training and education will put you on a successful path. Don’t expect to get rich over night, always protect yourself, never invest more then you can afford and take advantage of all the tools that are available. Do not let your emotions take advantage of you. Successful traders are not greedy, they are cautious and determine entry and exit points before they enter a trade. A good trader, does his research, develops a trading strategy and always knows the risks. Money management and risk management are vital tools.

Some of the most common mistakes new traders make is chasing the markets, getting to greedy and what is called the herd mentality, that means jumping into the markets when everyone else is. A good trader is ready to leave the market when the masses are buying.

Today’s economic situation is troubling causing a lot of people to lose jobs, business and homes. Troubled markets can offer huge rewards for traders, market volatility allows traders to enter and exit markets quickly with huge profits. The recession is not the key point today, it is the turmoil in the EU, and the unknown, causing the markets have become reactionary, responding to the smallest bit of news or data. Lately there have been huge swings in currencies as well as financial stocks and indexes. Good traders are earning high profits in today’s markets.

With the instability in the EU, it looks like the euro will be bouncing around for at least the next 6 months and that we will be facing at least another year of economic problems stemming from European problems. From hour to hour, day to day, gold and other commodities have been skyrocketing and plummeting. A trained investor can see the signs and make the most of these swings.

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