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Company Information
On a proud note, we are pleased to inform you that our company is one of the fastest growing companies that specializes in the spot foreign exchange market. After achieving success in Europe, we have expanded our association to a variety of institutions ranging from Latin America to Asia. Our expansion has been a great experience for all parties involved, and we are sure you will feel no differently. In short, doing business with our company will allow you to take advantage of large world wide movements and implant your seeds in the financial capital of the world. FXCH has attained an extraordinarily high degree of success in the currency market. We specialize in taking advantage of the many benefits this high performing investment vehicle has to offer. We have an assortment of international teams to relate and cater to the needs of investments concerning individuals, corporations and institutions worldwide. In our growth experience, we have successfully achieved profits in every economic condition. We invite you to become a part of our thriving operation. FXCH is also proud that we conduct business honestly and the company has no complaints from clients. FXCH has a Certificates of Good Standing for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 years which can be sending to you upon your request.
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Foundation Year:1999

Account Options
Broker Type:ECN
Account Currencies:GBP, CHF, USD, EUR, RUB
Minimum Deposit:$2000
Forex Majors Spread:
Maximum Forex Leverage:500:1
Minimum Trade Size:10000
Free Demo Account:Yes
Traders From USA:No
Islamic Account:No

Fees & Commissions
Margin Interest:No
Withdrawal Fees:$40

Service Details
Supported Languages:English
Customer Service By:Phone, Chat, Email
Customer Service Hours:24/6
Email Response Time:
Telephone Orders:No
Personal Account Manager:No

Trading and Investment Tools
Trading PlatformsDorman Direct By Dorman Trading
Stop Order:Yes
Limit Order:Yes
Market Order:Yes
Trailing Stop Order:Yes
OCO Orders:Yes
One Click Trading:Yes
24hr Trading:Yes
Charting Package:Yes
Trade off Charts:Yes
Streaming News Feed:Yes
Email Alerts:Yes
Mobile Alerts:Yes

Trading Platforms

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