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FxPro Financial Services Ltd

Exclusive Interview with FXPro's Michael Derks
Investing.com interviews Michael Derks of FXPro
Published On: Sep 06, 2011
Investing.com interviews Michael Derks of FXPro 1. What is your name and position? Michael Derks, Chief Strategist at FxPro in London.

2. What is your professional background? FX strategy and economics.

3. Who are your targeted audience? Retail and institutional FX clients.

4. Is your main focus of your business online or offline? Online.

5. Why should a trader choose YOU over another broker? Institutional quality commentary and analysis, choice of two superior trading platforms - MetaTrader4 and our new ECN cTrader platform – and excellent customer service in the business.

6. What advice do you have for someone who is just starting to trade the Forex market? Start out very slowly and cautiously, concentrate on areas that you know most about, find a series of approaches to the market that work for you..

7. How different is the Forex market today from what it was 2 years ago? The FX market is becoming deeper and more sophisticated all of the time, and the world economic and financial climate is even more precarious.

8. Do you also offer fund management services? Not at present.

9. Who are your main competitors in the on-line Forex market? CMC, IG, Saxo and Forex.com are our prime competitiors.

10. What do you think about Forex scam problem in the on-line Forex brokers market? We cannot speak for competitors, but FxPro has a strong reputation for transparency of pricing and security. 

11. Where do you see yourself 2 years from now? Working at FxPro! As the company continues to expand both in terms of reach and product offerings we forecast an increased need for a wider arrange of commentary and analysis, particularly serving the middle and far eastern markets.
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