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 Broker NameDescriptionDepositLeverageOpeningApply
Global Forex LLC The 100K account is ideal for active traders wishing to leverage the advantages of FX trading [More Info] $ 2000 up to 100:1 Online  
GTL Trading DMCC Standard Account [More Info] $ 5000  Online  
GTL Trading DMCC Premium Account [More Info] $ 250000  Online  
Hotspot FX Live Account [More Info] $ 0    
Hudson Global Capital Live Account [More Info] $ 25  Online  
InvestTechFX Trading Swap Free Account [More Info] $ 1000 up to 500:1 Online  
Keytrade Bank Live Account [More Info] $ 0  FaxOnline  
NORVIK BANKA Live Account [More Info] $ 0  Online  
Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets Live Account [More Info] $ 10000  Online  
MB Trading Live Account [More Info] $ 0  Online  
Money Forex Standard Forex Account [More Info] $ 2000 up to 200:1 Online  
Money Forex Mini forex Account [More Info] $ 250 up to 200:1 Online  
Money Forex Platinum 100k Account [More Info] $ 100000 up to 50:1 Online  
Money Forex MoneyForex offers the possibility of Islamic or swap-free accounts with no rollover charges [More Info] $ 250  Online  
OANDA Live Account [More Info] $ 1  Online  
Questrade If you're new to currency trading, the mini account is a great trading vehicle. [More Info] $ 250 up to 200:1 Online  
Questrade If you're an experienced or active currency trader, the standard account is the obvious choice. [More Info] $ 2500 up to 100:1 Online  
RCG Trading Account [More Info] $ 0  Online  
Swiss Direkt Live Account [More Info] € 10000    
Thales Securities Live Account [More Info] $ 0    
Thinkorswim Advisors Live Account [More Info] $ 3500 up to 100:1 Online  
TradeStation Securities Standard Account [More Info] $ 5000  Online  
Union Pacific Live forex account [More Info] $ 50000 up to 100:1 Online  
Advanz Analytics Live Account [More Info] $ 25 Up to 50:1 Fax  
Bacera International Mini Account [More Info] $ 300 up to 400:1 FaxOnline  
Bacera International Standard Account [More Info] $ 3000 up to 400:1 FaxOnline  
Dorman Trading Live Account [More Info] $ 250  Online  
XForex Mini Account [More Info] $ 100 up to 200:1 Online  
Open E Cry A great way to get started in a live environment, the Forex mini account offers smaller contract sizes and up to 200:1 leverage. [More Info] $ 250 up to 200:1 Online  
Open E Cry The standard account is for those clients who feel comfortable trading forex and may have some experience trading online. [More Info] $ 2500 up to 100:1 Online