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 Broker NameDescriptionDepositLeverageOpeningApply
FXCM Forex Capital Markets Designed for active traders who want a flexible platform to engage in forex trading. Traders receive rapid execution from real-time quotes 24 hours a ... [More Info] $ 2000 200:1 Online  
FXCM Forex Capital Markets FXCM's discount brokerage division, FXCM Micro, allows traders to experience the excitement of the forex market with as little as $25. [More Info] $ 25 400:1 Online  
InvestTechFX Trading Mini Account [More Info] $ 100 up to 500:1 Online  
Alliance Investment Management The Online Trading Account allows clients to trade stocks listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and other major stock exchanges. Fixed income investments are ... [More Info] $ 1000  Fax  
Advanced Markets Trading Account with either Advanced trader 1 or Advanced trader 2. [More Info] $ 2000  FaxOnline  
ATC Brokers Currenex Account [More Info] $ 20000  Online  
ATG Marketplex Live Account [More Info] $ 20000    
BForex The Mini Account is a powerful means for new traders to start off small and gain valuable trading discipline and knowledge [More Info] $ 500  Online  
BForex Our live Standard Account offers unique and advantageous features that give our traders a competitive edge over others [More Info] $ 1000  Online  
InvestTechFX Trading Standard Account [More Info] $ 1000 up to 500:1 Online  
InvestTechFX Trading Silver Account [More Info] $ 5000 up to 500:1 Online  
InvestTechFX Trading Gold Account [More Info] $ 10000 up to 500:1 Online  
BP Forex As a primary market-maker in foreign currency trading, our partner gives traders of almost any size, including individual speculators or smaller ... [More Info] $ 2000  Online  
BP Forex Mini spot forex allows you to become more comfortable trading without risking large amounts of capital. Ideal for those who have traded with a demo ... [More Info] $ 2000  Online  
Capital Forex Pro Live Account [More Info] $ 25    
Citibank Live Account [More Info] $ 10000    
Cobra Trading Retail Margin Account [More Info] $ 2000  Online  
Cobra Trading Daytrading Account [More Info] $ 30000  Online  
Dif Broker Opening an account with Dif Broker S.A will give you access to a world of trading opportunities [More Info] $ 2000  Fax  
Dukascopy Live Forex Trading Account [More Info] $ 10000    
Dukascopy Standard Account [More Info] $ 50000  Online  
Dukascopy FIX API [More Info] $ 100000  Online  
Finotec Opening a Forex Standard Account gives you access to the Finotec Trading Platform. This is a unique dealing system that offers real-times quotes and ... [More Info] $ 10000 up to 100:1 Online  
ForexCT Mini Account [More Info] $ 100 up to 200:1 Online  
ForexCT Gold Account [More Info] $ 1000 up to 300:1 Online  
ForexCT Platinum Account [More Info] $ 5000 up to 400:1 Online  
ForexCT VIP Account [More Info] $ 20000 up to 400:1 Online  
Forexial FX Live Account [More Info] $ 25  Online  
Gain Capital Trading Account [More Info] $ 100000  FaxOnline  
FXCH Live Account [More Info] $ 200 up to 500:1 Online