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 Contact Info
Phone: 1 800 881 3809
Fax: 1 800 881 5113
Company Addresses:
120 Wall Street
16th Floor
New York, NY
United States
 Payment Methods
Paper Check
 Withdrawals Method
Paper Check

What You Should Expect from ExpressFX

    * Paying Commissions ONLY When You Make a Profit
    * Trading with ZERO Spread & Low Flat Rate Commissions
    * A Free Trial of our Accurate Market Signals
    * Fast and Secure Quotes
    * Start “Live” Trading With Just $10

What You Should NOT Expect from ExpressFX

    * Confusing Spread Costs
    * Unfair “slippage” and “requotes” that can cost you money
    * Difficult To Use Interface

Software Information
Monthly Fee:   No
Free Trial:   Yes
Email Alerts:   No
Mobile Alerts:   No

Trading Platform Information
Trading From Charts:   Yes
News Integrated:   No
Charts Integrated:   No
Live Support Incorporated:   Yes
Indicators and Studies:   Yes
Possibility to build proprietary indicators:   Yes
Possibility to build proprietary systems:   No
DDE Capabilities:   Yes
Stop Order:   No
Market Order:   No
Trailing Stop Order:   No
OCO Orders:   No
Limit Order:   Yes

Trading Platforms


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