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Dukascopy Bank SA

Interview with Frédéric Charles, Vice President at Dukacopy Bank SA
Always trade with an objective
Published On: Dec 12, 2011
Always trade with an objective Please give us a brief introduction about yourself –  What is your position?  Frédéric Charles  Vice president at Dukacopy Bank SA

What is your professional background? Interbank trading, life insurance advisory,
wealth management.

Who is your target audience?  Any client around the world. The Dukascopy Europe entity will be more in charge of the retail client when the bank one will be in charge of more institutional clients.

Why should a trader choose YOU over another provider? Stability, efficiency, same rights, liquidity, … please visit our main page for more details

Please describe the trading platforms available to your clients?
The JForex platform is the most complete as you can have EA running on it.

What other services do you offer your customers to support their investment decisions and/or trading? TV, market analysis, … kindly visit our website for complete details

Walk us through opening an account with your company. Fulfill the registration online questionnaire, be as complete as possible in the elements required especially your professional career; print the pdf; sign everywhere it is indicated; do not forget to write the place and date; send all by post with notarized copy of ID and a copy of a utility bill.

What advice do you have for someone who is just starting to trade the markets?  Do not believe you can be millionaire tomorrow

What would you say are the most common mistakes traders make? Becoming too greedy.

What are some of the best trading practices to keep in mind? Always trade with an objective. For instance, I want to do 0.2% a day, meaning 2.5% a month or 35% a year.  When done every day, close the systems.

What’s your view on the economy? Critical for all major countries for the moment. The consequences could be terrible for developing countries depending too much on the developed ones.
What are the implications on the currency, equity and commodity markets? Major turbulences as there is a lack of confidence on the long term.
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