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Website: www.deltastock.com
Phone: + 359 (2) 811 50 50 | + 359 (2) 811 50 55
Fax: + 359 (2) 811 50 49
Company Addresses:
115 G Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd.
Megapark Office Building, Office Area "E", floor 6
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Investing.com Interview with Vladimir Kisyov of Deltastock

Head of Business Development at Deltastock, Vladimir Kisyov interviewed by Investing.com.

1. What is your name and position?
Vladimir Kisyov, Head of Business Development
2. What is your professional background?
I have been operating at senior level as Head of Business Development since May 2009 and before that, in the period June 2006 – April 2009, as Head of Marketing & Sales. I joined the company as FX and CFD Dealer in early 2004. Currently I play a major role in the implementation of company’s international development strategy. Soliciting business partners and the development of the EEA Branch network of the company are within the scope of my responsibilities. I hold MSc in Finance and BA in Business Administration.
3. Who are your targeted audience?
Our focus is retail traders. However, we do provide solutions for institutional clients. 
4. Is your main focus of your business online or offline?
Definitely online.
5. Why should a trader choose YOU over another broker?
We strive to provide flexible and quality trading solutions to our clients, respond to their needs and meet their expectations. We offer great conditions for trading: low spreads, transparent ECN/STP, access to a number of liquidity providers, to name a few.
6. What advice do you have for someone who is just starting to trade the Forex market?
Start trading but take some time to learn and keep learning about Forex and finance in general. Information is always your greatest asset.
7. How different is the Forex market today from what it was 2 years ago?
The competition has increased significantly. In addition, the trading volumes have doubled in the last two years. Today, we have almost $4 trillion daily turnover on the Forex market. Worldwide, regulators are becoming stricter, for example the CFTC has closed the US market for non-CFTC regulated companies. Japan and India have done that too.
8. Do you also offer Fund management services?
9. Who are your main competitors in the on-line Forex market?
CMC markets, Saxo although they are larger than us we believe our services do not fall short of the high standards in the industry in terms of scope,  execution quality, customer care, etc.
10. What do you think about Forex scam problem in the on-line Forex brokers market?
There are snake-oil peddlers in every business. Deltastock is a legitimate company and a licensed Forex & Stock Broker, regulated by the official authorities on every market we operate.
11. Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?
We expect to be even better positioned on the EU market and to expand our client base by around 60%.