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Advanced Markets Advanced Markets


 Contact Info
Website: www.advancedmarketsfx....
Phone: +1-704-544-9446
Fax: +1-704-544-9374
Company Addresses:
11325 North Community House Road
Suite 425
NC 28277
United States
 Payment Methods
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 Withdrawals Method
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Company Information
Advanced Markets truly bridges the gap between the institutional and retail FX world. We give you direct access to the real interbank Forex trading environment, which was previously only available to the largest of institutions. (And yes, we do mean the real interbank environment, not one that we create, control or even manipulate.) Our mission is to provide all of our institutional and individual clients with the fairest, most technologically advanced trading environment possible. Advanced Markets brings a modern, ethical approach to FX trading. An approach that aligns our interests with yours. We won’t trade against you (as some brokers do), and we won’t do anything to obstruct you in your efforts to trade profitably. The better you do, the better we do. .
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Foundation Year:2000
Regulated By:National Futures Association (United States), U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (United States)
Website Languages:English

Account Options
Broker Type:ECN
Account Currencies:USD
Minimum Deposit:$2500
Forex Majors Spread:
Maximum Forex Leverage:0:1
Minimum Trade Size:0
Free Demo Account:Yes
Traders From USA:Yes
Islamic Account:No

Fees & Commissions
Margin Interest:No
Depositing Fees:Wire: $25-$30
Withdrawal Fees:Chack $20 (Overnight)

Service Details
Supported Languages:English
Customer Service By:Phone, Email
Customer Service Hours:24/6
Email Response Time:
Telephone Orders:No
Personal Account Manager:No

Trading and Investment Tools
Trading PlatformsAdvanced Trader 1 By Advanced Markets
 Advanced Trader Pro By Advanced Markets
Stop Order:No
Limit Order:Yes
Market Order:No
Trailing Stop Order:No
OCO Orders:No
One Click Trading:Yes
24hr Trading:Yes
Charting Package:Yes
Trade off Charts:Yes
Streaming News Feed:Yes
Email Alerts:No
Mobile Alerts:No

Trading Platforms

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