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Investing.com Interviews Ricardo Evangelista of Activ Trades
Activ Trades, Sales Analyst Ricardo Evangelista, is interviewed by Investing.com
Published On: Jan 17, 2012
Activ Trades, Sales Analyst Ricardo Evangelista, is interviewed by Investing.com 1. Please give us a brief introduction about yourself - What is your position? What is your professional background?
My name is Ricardo Evangelista. I am a Sales Analyst at Activtrades, working with retail clients based around the world.
Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. After graduating in Business and Hotel Management, was offered a job with the Savoy group, in London. This gave me exposure to a range of duties including sales. Later decided to embrace a different project, and started a career in IT sales. By this point I had already developed an interest in the economy at large and started following the markets, making the professional change to the trading industry a natural one. My foundation skills in sales and languages, combined with a passion for the markets made the last 4 years of working with retail and institutional trading clients around the world, an enriching and enjoyable experience.
2.Who is your target audience?

We provide 1st class trading facilities to retail and institutional clients who want to trade Forex, CFD’s and Futures. Our client base is diverse, and we cater for a wide range of profiles.
Small investors looking to take the first steps find our webinars and trading tools, like Autochartist, very useful. We have tutorials for MT4, and can offer personalised training uncovering the potential of this platform to the novice.   For the more seasoned trader we have DMA to the futures market, providing access via top platforms like Strategy Runner, Pro Mark and Ninja Trader.
3. Why should a trader choose YOU over another provider?

Forex trading is competitive and precise with our 5 digit pricing and spreads from 1.5pips in EURUSD. Our deal executions systems are fully automated; there is No Dealing Desk and therefore no human intervention in your trading. We allow hedging.
Futures accounts enjoy low commissions but maintain high levels of service. Reduced intraday margins allow traders to exercise their preferred strategies and maximise their trading potential.
Unquestionably the real strength of ActivTrades is its focus on clients and the service they need for success. Our highly skilled Support Desk will provide timely response to client enquiries, in English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese.

4. Please describe the trading platforms available to your clients?

MetaTrader4, a globally respected Forex and CFD’s trading system. Complete with a wide range of technical indicators and charts, and access to a vast plethora of EA’s.
For our Futures clients we provide access to the following platforms:
J-Trader, a high speed platform developed by Patsystems.
Ninja Trader, providing advanced order management, advanced position management, trade automation and performance reporting
Pro-Mark – Ideal for the professional trader, who needs an advanced front-end for high-volume trading.
Strategy Runner, the high performance, sophisticated, yet easy to use online trading platform.
5. What other services do you offer your customers to support their investment decisions and/or trading?

At Activtrades we offer our clients a range of tools to support their decisions.  SmartOrder and SmartChart – great add-ons to MT4 – allowing users to execute several functions with one click, and ‘dragging and dropping’ lines on the charts. Autochartist, a market scanning tool that alerts traders to trading opportunities, automatically overlaying patterns on MT4 charts.
Molanis, considered the best graphic environment to create expert advisers.
VPS  - Virtual Private Server – Your expert advisor will continue working and running even if the client’s computer is switched off.
We also offer online work-shops, webinars, hand books and educational videos available to our clients.
6. Walk us through opening an account with your company.

The first step consists in filling in an online application form, only takes a few minutes. Subsequently we will also require an ID document and a proof of address, which can be scanned and emailed to speed up the process.
As we are regulated by the FSA, the application will then be passed over to compliance who will go through the process of approving it. Typically a client is able to start trading within 24 hours from starting the process.
7. What advice do you have for someone who is just starting to trade the markets?

Expose yourself to as much information as possible; up to a large extent the markets are driven by news and announcements. Learn as much as you can about technical analysis and, above all make sure you have a plan and stick to it!  Don’t let your emotions lead you astray from your plan or strategy.
8. What would you say are the most common mistakes traders make?

Thinking of trading as an opportunity to get rich quickly, leveraging the account beyond reasonable levels and underestimating the importance of emotional control. My advice would be;  manage you your risk conservatively, be patient and don’t get carried away.
9. What’s your view on the economy? What are the implications on the currency, equity and commodity markets?

We are living through interesting times; the centre of gravity has somehow shifted with the emerging economies becoming more prominent, namely China. The crisis in the Eurozone and the low growth of the more established economies has fuelled the feeling of insecurity that came about with the banking crisis of 2007/08. Consequently the markets have been very dynamic, with constant fluctuations that provide countless short term trading opportunities; on the other hand, this volatility can be difficult to manage even for the more seasoned trader.
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