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Market Overview

Ian Copsey
Escaping The Drop Into Hell? By Ian Copsey - Feb 05, 2015

Well, that was a day and a half. Just as it looked like EUR/USD was being drawn into the gates of hell, it rose like a baby phoenix from the flames. It’s looking positive but hasn’t ...

Marc Chandler
Capital's Reproduction Problem By Marc Chandler - Feb 05, 2015

The Great Financial Crisis lingers. The fact that the world economy continues to grow does not change that fact. There are different lenses from which one can view the crisis and seek to understand ...

James Picerno
NFP: Watch For Deceleration By James Picerno - Feb 05, 2015

Private nonfarm payrolls in the US are projected to increase by 231,000 (seasonally adjusted) in Friday’s January update from the Labor Department, based on The Capital Spectator’s median ...

Bill Holter
Gold Never Defaults By Bill Holter - Feb 05, 2015

Every once in a while I am still amazed at some of the truly non thinking and non logical “mush” that comes out of the mainstream. While years ago my wife could find me screaming at the ...

Marc Chandler
The ECB And Greece: Just The Facts By Marc Chandler - Feb 05, 2015

Q: What did the European Central Bank do yesterday that caused a sharp drop today in Greek stocks and bonds? A: The European Central Bank said that because it was not confident that a new deal could ...

FIBO Group
Australian dollar up on Chinese stimulus By FIBO Group - Feb 05, 2015

The Australian dollar is trading higher today after a move by the Chinese central bank to further stimulate the economy in the wake of a potential slowdown. At 9.43pm (AEDT) the Australian dollar was ...

Marc Chandler
Beware Of Greeks Bearing Collateral By Marc Chandler - Feb 05, 2015 1

The main story today is not that the ECB will no longer (as of February 11) accept Greek government bonds as collateral and that Greek banks can have access to the national central bank via the ...