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Market Overview

Danske Markets
Danske Daily: October, 4 2013   
By Danske Markets - Oct 04, 2013

Market movers today What should have been an exciting day will turn out to be rather dull in terms of key figures. The monthly US employment report is postponed until further notice due to the ...

Danske Markets
Reading The Markets: Sweden‏   
By Danske Markets - Oct 04, 2013

Great uncertainty about the clothing price impact on September inflation. Simulating an electricity price shock á la winters of 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 - what is the impact on the inflation ...

Marc Chandler
Becalmed Markets Conceals Rising Anxiety
By Marc Chandler - Oct 04, 2013

The US dollar is narrowly mixed against major and emerging market currencies. Comments by House Speaker Boehner that he will form a majority bloc to avoid a default by the Federal government is being ...

Yen Mildly Higher As BOJ On Hold
By ActionForex - Oct 04, 2013

Yen is mildly firmer today after BoJ kept rates unchanged at near 0% and maintained its massive monetary stimulus as widely expected. That is, it will continue to increase the monetary base by JPY ...

Easy Forex
US Government Shutdown Day 4: October, 4 2013
By Easy Forex - Oct 04, 2013

Currencies The euro (EUR) is trading above 1.3625 as the US shutdown has pushed the dollar lower. The Non-Farm Payroll data announcement today has been cancelled as a result of the shutdown of US ...

Euro Pacific
The Taper Talk
By Euro Pacific - Oct 04, 2013

Anyone who bought the media buzz about a September reduction of QE - called the "taper" - was very surprised when the Federal Reserve announced that stimulus would continue unabated. According the the...

Richard Rhodes
FX Futures Edge: October 3, 2013   
By Richard Rhodes - Oct 04, 2013

STOCKS: The world economy is muddling through. The US payroll tax increase and sequestration are headwinds to the US economy, China is being pressured by Japan, and both the US and Chinese housing ...

Larry Doyle
Wall Street’s SRO Police Take A Big Hit
By Larry Doyle - Oct 04, 2013

Did you feel a sizable tremor running between Washington and Wall Street overnight? I did. At the epicenter of this tremor was the first meaningful questioning of the practice of self-regulation on ...

Michael Ashton
Inflation, Deflation, And Putting
By Michael Ashton - Oct 04, 2013

Since there is no data of note for a little while, there are some other topics I suppose I have time to remark upon. I recently read a piece by Morgan Stanley called “Of Dogs, Deflation and ...