Market Overview

Danske Markets
Euro Area Inflation May Decline To New Low Of 0.5%    
By Danske Markets - Mar 31, 2014

In terms of data the main release is euro area inflation for March. We expect it to decline to a new cycle-low of 0.5% y/y mainly due to the timing of Easter. If we are right in our forecast we see ...

Technical Trading
Daily Forex And Dow Jones Recommended Levels: March 31, 2014
By Technical Trading - Mar 31, 2014

EUR/USDToday’s support: - 1.3713(main), where correction is possible. Break would give 1.3702, where correction also may be. Then follows 1.3693. Break of the latter would result in 1.3678. If a...

Binary Options Strategy
Spain’s Economic Answer Could Lie In Black Gold
By Binary Options Strategy - Mar 31, 2014

Spain has been battling a recessionary economy with sky high unemployment for some time now. Their economy has been struggling to find a way out of the darkness, and now there is a possible solution. ...

Easy Forex
Gold Slides Amid Stronger Dollar
By Easy Forex - Mar 31, 2014

Currencies The euro (EUR) continues to weaken against the US dollar (USD). The single currency has retraced from 1.387 last week to a low of 1.3708 before correcting to 1.3753. The US dollar (USD) ...

Market Weekly update 31/3-4/4
By NSFX - Mar 31, 2014

Good Morning,Equities in US last week had a mixed performance: the DJIA gained 19 points at 16,240 (+0.12% weekly) and the S&P500 lost 7 points at 1,850 (-0.38% weekly). Nasdaq underperformed the ...

Saxo Bank
DE Retail Sales, EU CPI, UK Consumer Credit
By Saxo Bank - Mar 31, 2014

Retail sales in Germany will kick off Monday's trading day in Europe, followed by an update on consumer credit in the UK. Later, we’ll see a report that could be a major news event in macro for ...

Sober Look
Why Is The ECB Hesitating On Monetary Easing?
By Sober Look - Mar 31, 2014

The Eurozone's unemployment rate is at 12% and holding while the area's youth unemployment is at staggering 24%. Private lending is still contracting (see post) and disinflationary pressures persist ...

Doug Short
Moving Averages: March Month-End Preview
By Doug Short - Mar 31, 2014

Here is a preview of the monthly moving averages I track after the close of the last business day of the month. All three S&P 500 strategies are now signaling "invested" -- unchanged from last month. ...

Marc Chandler
ECB And US Jobs Dominate Markets This Week
By Marc Chandler - Mar 31, 2014

The ECB meeting and the US jobs data are the two key events in the coming days. At the March meeting, the ECB failed to take fresh action. That broke the equilibrium that had kept the euro in a five ...

Jay Hawk
Forex Followup : March 24 - March 28, 2014
By Jay Hawk - Mar 30, 2014

Key Fundamental Forex Events for the Week of March 24th through March 28th The following table lists the key economic data and other events that came out during the week of March 24th through March ...

Bob Lang
Markets Face Uncertain Times
By Bob Lang - Mar 30, 2014

During these first three months of the year, the markets have been dealing with uncertainty. This has translated into selloffs from much higher levels, but these selloffs have not been your normal, ...

Kevin Flynn
Tale Of Two Markets
By Kevin Flynn - Mar 30, 2014

It’s a tale of two markets these days, in more ways than one. For the last couple of weeks there’s been a big rotation out of higher beta names (“mo-mo” stocks, short for momentum morons) into ...