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Market Overview

Kristina Leonova
Apple Lifts Asia
By Kristina Leonova - Apr 24, 2013

Apple (AAPL) climbed 4,9% to USD 425,95 in after closing trade yesterday night after reporting strong second quarter earnings. Apple also unveiled plans to double the amount of capital returned to ...

James Picerno
Macro-Markets Risk Index
By James Picerno - Apr 24, 2013

A markets-based profile of US economic conditions suggests that the business cycle risk remains low. The Macro-Markets Risk Index (MMRI) closed yesterday (April 22) at 13.7%--well above the danger ...

Bayesians, Oil And Investing Methods
By AllAboutAlpha  - Apr 24, 2013

The dour-looking fellow you see before you is Thomas Bayes, a mid-eighteenth century English mathematician, dead since 1761, the ramifications of whose work continue to unfold, and in directions of ...

Michael Ashton
Rage Against The Machines
By Michael Ashton - Apr 24, 2013

The explosion yesterday wasn’t at the White House. That was a false report, put out when the Twitter account of the Associated Press was hacked. But that report immediately led to immolation at some ...

Tim Knight
Tuesday's Fake Tweet
By Tim Knight - Apr 23, 2013

Hacked AP twitter account. Claim of White House bombing and injured President. Entire day’s market gain reversed in moments, then springs right back. We are officially on the other side of the ...

Marc Chandler
Great Graphic: Foreign-Owned U.S. Assets
By Marc Chandler - Apr 23, 2013

This Great Graphic focuses on elements of the U.S. net international investment position. It was posted on Business Insider by Joe Wisenthal, who got it from Slate's Matt Yglesias who spotted it at ...

Sober Look
The Annual Slowdown Is Right On Schedule
By Sober Look - Apr 23, 2013

The annual spring slowdown is here again. As discussed earlier (see post), the previous three years saw a strong start in the U.S., followed by a slowdown in economic activity, particularly in ...

Chris Kimble
Survey Says, The Bulls Are Back!
By Chris Kimble - Apr 23, 2013

Barron’s has conducted its “Big Money” poll since the 1990′s. Last fall when stock markets weren’t doing too well, this poll came in with one of the lowest readings in ...