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Market Overview

Simon Lack
Investment Outlook: What Cyprus Means
By Simon Lack - Mar 19, 2013

The EU has come up with a novel way of trampling over depositors’ rights in Cyprus with their proposed “tax” on depositors of Cypriot banks. So far through the Eurozone crisis ...

Michael Ashton
Why Not Just Let Cyprus Default?
By Michael Ashton - Mar 19, 2013

Cyprus banks are closed until Thursday. At this point, the Cypriot legislature has not voted on any particular scheme of theft, although some Eurozone officials seem to think that it would be okay to ...

El-Erian: Cyprus No Big Deal For U.S. Markets
By Benzinga  - Mar 18, 2013

PIMCO’s Mohamed El-Erian appeared on SquawkBox Monday morning and gave some insight on the situation in Cyprus and the world markets as a whole.Highlights Follow:Is The EU Failing To Deliver ...

Marc Chandler
Little Cyprus, Big Aid Package
By Marc Chandler - Mar 18, 2013

This Great Graphic was posted on FT Alphaville, which in turn got it from Soc Gen. It ranks modern aid packages in terms of the recipient's GDP. Assuming that the Cyprus parliament approves some ...

Andrew Dovey
Cyprus Caught In The Crosshairs
By Andrew Dovey - Mar 18, 2013

As of Friday, the picture in Europe appeared slightly rosier. European leaders in Brussels decided to be uncharacteristically flexible, granting more time to the likes of Spain, Portugal and France in...

David Kotok
Report From Paris
By David Kotok - Mar 18, 2013

Several world travelers are sitting at lunch in Paris, immersed in speculation. Greek banks in Cyprus were ring-fenced. Cypriot banks were not.Why?Enmity At WorkIf Greek banks with branches in Cyprus ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
Editorial : Beyond The 3% Target
By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Mar 18, 2013

A 3% of GDP target for public deficits with no growth in activity is out of reach for many countries in EuropeFrance, Spain and Portugal are soon likely to be granted additional time to bring their ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
Overview: A Change Of Focus
By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Mar 18, 2013

France, Spain and Portugal are soon likely to be granted additional time to bring their budget deficits back below 3% of GDP. A return to within the limits set by the Maastricht Treaty will probably ...