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Market Overview

Cullen Roche
What if There Are No Reliable Factors? By Cullen Roche - Apr 28, 2015

I’ve always been bothered by the notion of “factor investing”. In case you don’t know, factor investing is derived from Eugene Fama’s various factor models (which have ...

Danske Markets
Danske Daily - 28 April 2015   By Danske Markets - Apr 28, 2015

Market movers today In the UK we expect GDP growth to have eased a bit to 0.4% q/q in Q1 15 from 0.6% q/q in the previous quarter, as hard data in terms of retail sales, production and construction ...

Danske Markets
Market Guide - April 2015   By Danske Markets - Apr 28, 2015

Market overview Fed and BoE likely to postpone rate hikes Progress on Iran nuclear deal Theme: NDFs an important EM risk management tool Easier to price NDFs against Scandinavian currencies ...

Danske Markets
Weekly Credit Update - 28 April, 2015   By Danske Markets - Apr 28, 2015

Credit spreads tighter after Greece reshuffling in negotiation team High primary market activity Q1 earning season intensified with overall good results primarily driven by currency effects The ...

Craig Erlam
European Open: UK GDP And Greece In Focus By Craig Erlam - Apr 28, 2015

European markets were given a boost on Monday by reports that Alexis Tsipras has reshuffled his negotiating team, effectively side-lining Yanis Varoufakis who’s tough negotiating stance has ...

Ian Copsey
Back Into The Range By Ian Copsey - Apr 28, 2015

I’m not too surprised with the way things developed – not that I had firm targets but did expect marginal dollar lows before a reversal back into range. This has provided some constructive...