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Market Overview

David Kotok
Switzerland: We've Got A Debt Problem By David Kotok - Jan 16, 2015 4

In the wake of Switzerland’s removing the cap on the Swiss franc’s value against the euro, debt owed by non-Swiss agents has become an emerging issue. That debt, denominated in either ...

FIBO Group
Australian dollar may benefit from Swiss move By FIBO Group - Jan 16, 2015

The Australian dollar is holding above the US82.00 cents mark today as disappointing data out of the US and a shock move by the Swiss central bank provides some support to the currency. At 8.45pm ...

Jeremy Cook
The SNB Dropped A Bomb On Markets By Jeremy Cook - Jan 16, 2015

Yesterday’s markets were one for the history books as the Swiss National Bank dropped a bomb on the currency space. By cancelling its floor in EUR/CHF, that limited the value of the Swiss franc ...

Danske Markets
EU Outlook: Impact Of Broad-Based QE   By Danske Markets - Jan 16, 2015

The expected ECB QE programme will support economic activity through a number of channels and hence it strengthens our view of a stronger recovery. A very important part of a large scale QE ...

Will SNB Spawn Market-Wide Risk?   By Dailyfx - Jan 16, 2015

Talking Points • EUR/CHF collapsed after the SNB announced it was giving up its fight to maintain a 1.2000-floor • With capital markets already on edge, the SNB's move may be another ...

Anthony M. Cherniawski
Weekend Update: January 16, 2015 By Anthony M. Cherniawski - Jan 16, 2015

-- VIX rallied above Cycle Top resistance at 19.16 and closed above it. This is the third close above Cycle Top support/resistance since the first week of October. The Cycles Model suggests a ...

Danske Markets
SNB-Triggered Market Volatility Continues By Danske Markets - Jan 16, 2015

The Swiss National Bank's surprised move to end the minimum EUR/CHF exchange rate triggered sharp jump in financial markets volatile, which carried on into today's Asian session. Swiss Franc surged ...

Binary Options Strategy
US CPI January 16, 2015 By Binary Options Strategy - Jan 16, 2015

The Friday session will be relatively quite as far as economic announcements are concerned, with the focus being on the United States. The CPI numbers coming out will of course push the stock markets ...

Michael T. Snyder
Here Is What Happened In Switzerland By Michael T. Snyder - Jan 16, 2015

Central banks lie. That is what they do. Not too long ago, the Swiss National Bank promised that it would defend the euro/Swiss franc currency peg with the “utmost determination”. But on ...

Danske Markets
ECB's New Bazooka - And How To Trade It   By Danske Markets - Jan 16, 2015

The ECB will announce QE in January - it will be larger than expected. Fixed income markets: Buy the rumour - buy the fact! - at least in the periphery. FX markets: Deflation battle to weigh on the ...