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Market Overview

Macro Man
TMM's Radical Plan For Cyprus
By Macro Man  - Mar 19, 2013

TMM continue to be staggered by just how confused the Eurogroup policy response has been, with the Germans et al running away from the deposit levy on small depositors at an Usain Bolt-like pace. Last...

James Picerno
2013 US GDP Nowcast Update
By James Picerno - Mar 19, 2013

US GDP is projected to increase by 3.1% in 2013's first quarter, according to the latest update of The Capital Spectator's average econometric nowcast. That's up sharply from the previous 2.0% nowcast...

Saxo Bank
UK CPI, German ZEW, US Housing Starts
By Saxo Bank - Mar 19, 2013

Questions about the wisdom of the European Union’s plan to impose a levy on Cypriot bank deposits will continue to roil markets and colour economic news elsewhere in the Eurozone. That includes ...

Crude Oil, Gold and Apple Make Gains  
By UFXMarkets - Mar 19, 2013

US Stock MarketWall Street closed the trading day in the red in response to investors’ anxiety about the Cyprus bailout and levy. The Dow Jones fell by 0.43%, the NASDAQ by 0.35% and the S&P...

Gary Tanashian
"Funny Munny" On The Run
By Gary Tanashian - Mar 19, 2013

US monetary policy makers have enjoyed a Goldilocks environment since they began the most intense phase of inflationary monetary policy, which we will define as post-Operation Twist, beginning in ...

Marc Chandler
Education Achievement And Unemployment
By Marc Chandler - Mar 19, 2013

This Great Graphic was on re-posted on Business Insider from Calculated Risk. It charts the changing unemployment rate for different education levels in the US. It shows that those at least a ...

Larry Doyle
“Stevie Boy” Cohen: Too Big To Prosecute?
By Larry Doyle - Mar 19, 2013

News released late Friday afternoon that the SEC has agreed to a settlement of $616 million with entities connected to SAC Capital is viewed as another indication that our financial police are playing...

Larry Doyle
What Is Going On In Cyprus?
By Larry Doyle - Mar 19, 2013

News emanating from the Republic of Cyprus that depositors in its banks will likely be hit with a tax to support an EU bailout of this small nation is a warning signal that the financial system ...

Ed Yardeni
The Euro Mess
By Ed Yardeni - Mar 19, 2013

The latest mess in the Euro Mess is a reminder that Mario Draghi's pledge to do whatever it takes to defend the euro won't clean up the mess. The pledge bought time, which must not be wasted or the ...