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Market Overview

James Chen
Government In No Rush’ To Sell Lloyds Shares
By James Chen - Aug 02, 2013

The government has confirmed it will not be rushed into selling off shares in Lloyds Banking Group after the bank returned to profit this week. Figures for the first half of the year showed Lloyds ...

James Gruber
Why Investors Have Got It Wrong On China
By James Gruber - Aug 02, 2013

On The Wrong Side Of The TradeMy mistakesThe lessonsThe minority who got it rightThe vast majority of people who are bearish on China's economy and stock market now were cheerleaders just 18 months ...

Euro Pacific
Detroit Broke City
By Euro Pacific - Aug 02, 2013

It should come as no surprise that the lessons that should be learned from the bankruptcy of Detroit, a city that once stood as the shining example of America's industrial might, are being ignored by ...

Philippe d'Arvisenet
Tweaking And Treating   
By Philippe d'Arvisenet - Aug 02, 2013

The Fed did not change its policy... or maybe it did, as it altered its communication, with emphasizing the threat from low inflation and not adding to the statement the guidance about QE3. We'll have...

John Aziz
Is Monetary Policy Key To Economic Stability?
By John Aziz - Aug 02, 2013

Last week, I noted that the post-2008 world had provided an astonishingly good test for Milton Friedman’s notion that stabilising M2 growth was an effective antidote for economic depressions. Bernanke...

Marc Chandler
US Jobs To Cap Big Week
By Marc Chandler - Aug 02, 2013

The US dollar is mostly consolidating yesterday's gains, with a few exceptions. The Australian dollar is trading at new multi-year lows, below $0.8900 as the market positions for not only an RBA rate ...

Michael T. Snyder
Is Another Real Estate Crash Coming?
By Michael T. Snyder - Aug 02, 2013

There are very few segments of the U.S. economy that are more heavily affected by interest rates than the real estate market is. When mortgage rates reached all-time low levels late last year, it ...

Gold & Silver; Still Data Dependant
By CommodityOnline - Aug 02, 2013

As per our last commentary, we warned the short term possibility as per below paragraph in italics. We continue to see gold range trading but a dovish remark from the FOMC statement could give the ...

Wolf Richter
The Dark Side Of Abenomics
By Wolf Richter - Aug 02, 2013

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe skillfully used his miraculous economic salvation plan, a religion lovingly dubbed Abenomics, as a platform to catapult his party, the LDP, into power. With the LDP ...