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Market Overview

Dollar Softer On Fedspeaks, Bernanke Awaited
By ActionForex - May 22, 2013

The dollar is a touch weaker against the euro as markets enter into an eventful day. Comments from Fed officials suggested that Fed could refrain from tapering the asset purchase for a while. St. ...

Stuart McPhee
BOJ Affirms Easing Plan
By Stuart McPhee - May 22, 2013

The Bank of Japan affirmed a plan to double the monetary base over two years after a jump in bond yields highlighted risks associated with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s campaign to revive the ...

Bruce Krasting
Bernanke KIKs The Can
By Bruce Krasting - May 22, 2013

In February, when Ben Bernanke gave his report to Congress, he spoke of his concern about “Excessive risk taking”. On May 10 he repeated his warning: Very low interest rates, if ...

Doug Short
Two Measures of Inflation: New Update
By Doug Short - May 22, 2013

Note from dshort: I've updated the accompanying charts with the latest Consumer Price Index data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The annualized rate of change is calculated to two decimal places ...

Doug Short
The Philly Fed ADS Business Conditions Index
By Doug Short - May 22, 2013

Note from dshort: After I posted an update yesterday for the Chicago Fed National Activity Index, I received requests to update my periodic look at the Philly Fed ADS Index. The Philly Fed's ...

Ed Yardeni
Irrational Exuberance In Europe?
By Ed Yardeni - May 22, 2013

There does appear to be some irrational exuberance over in Europe. One of the greatest dichotomies in the global bull market in stocks is the stellar performance of European equity prices despite the ...

Michael Ashton
James Bullard And The Fed's QE 'Chutzpah'
By Michael Ashton - May 22, 2013

It has been a busy couple of weeks on the business side, which is why I haven’t been writing many articles. However, I wanted to be sure and pen a quick one today. The main economic data is due out ...