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Market Overview

Saxo Bank
EU Sentiment, U.S. Personal Income, Dallas Fed
By Saxo Bank - Apr 29, 2013

The European Commission is updating its Economic Sentiment Index today, followed by the March report on personal income and spending in the U.S. Later, the U.S. Dallas Fed releases the latest review ...

ETF Prophet
Gold 1600 Calls Testing Top?
By ETF Prophet  - Apr 28, 2013

Early in the week the May 1600 call buyers tipped off a potential run to test the top. The Boston tragedy was quickly forgotten and it provided another buying opportunity as the market tested the 50 ...

Kevin Flynn
Market Trying For 1600
By Kevin Flynn - Apr 28, 2013

April managed to come through again. The markets wiped out most of last week’s losses, and while Friday saw the market go through its recent routine of running counter to the week’s trend,...

John Aziz
The New Swedish Economic Model?
By John Aziz - Apr 28, 2013

The advocates of “austerity now!” are talking about Sweden. Last year Fraser Nelson wrote in The Spectator: When Europe’s finance ministers meet for a group photo, it’s easy to spot the rebel — Anders...

Steven Hansen
Congress Considers Screwing Seniors
By Steven Hansen - Apr 28, 2013

How many of the elderly live totally on social security benefits live better and better every year? It seems that social security is designed as a declining real benefit program. Yet the CBO in ...