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Market Overview

Peter Schiff
Ben's Rocket To Nowhere
By Peter Schiff - Nov 26, 2013

Herd mentality can be as frustrating as it is inexplicable. Once a crowd starts moving, momentum can be all that matters and clear signs and warnings are often totally ignored. Financial markets are ...

David I. Kranzler
Will Fed Be Forced To Continue QE?
By David I. Kranzler - Nov 26, 2013

[T]he Federal Reserve’s long and large scale purchases have significantly lowered long-term Treasury yields. - Ben Shalom Bernanke, Keynote Speech at the 2012 Jackson Hole Federal Reserve Conference ...

Tiho Brkan
Global Macro Price Movements By Asset Class
By Tiho Brkan - Nov 26, 2013

Chart 1: Global equities are currently outperforming other asset classesCurrent financial market conditions are characterised by rising equity prices towards 2007 highs (some major global markets have...

Tiho Brkan
Are U.S. Equities The New Safe Haven?
By Tiho Brkan - Nov 26, 2013

I am pretty sure you are laughing at my heading for this post. It is just intended as a joke (of course) but just stay with me for a second while glancing at the chart in this post. Chart 1: US ...

The Billionaire’s Club: A 2013 Snapshot
By AllAboutAlpha  - Nov 26, 2013

The 2,170 billionaires around the world have a combined net worth is $6.5 trillion.Both that combined net worth and the simple number of billionaires has more than doubled since 2009, that memorable ...

Ian Copsey
Further Dollar Losses To Be Expected
By Ian Copsey - Nov 26, 2013

Corrections were seen yesterday, and by and large may well be over. The EUR/USD stalled 2 points above my support and the USD/CHF 5 points above target. I pointed out the 4-hour Price Equilibrium ...