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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

MCX, Spot Silver May Trade Up This Week
By CommodityOnline - Oct 07, 2013

MCX Silver December as seen in the weekly chart below has opened the week at 49,305 levels initially moved higher, but found very good resistance at 49,899 levels.Later prices fell sharply breaking ...

ICM Brokers
Oil And Gold Analysis: October 7, 2013
By ICM Brokers - Oct 07, 2013

CLCrude rose as Tropical Storm Karen pushed through the Gulf of Mexico to the U.S. coast, threatening crude production in the region. Prices gained 0.5 percent. Karen will make landfall early Oct. 6 ...

Mark Mead Baillie
Is Gold At A Major Turning Point?
By Mark Mead Baillie - Oct 07, 2013 |   2

There is one thing that inarguably I've been right about this year. When the maniacal selling of Gold began in earnest, commensurate with the commencement of the baseball season last April, in the ...

Jason Sen
Corn: Holding Above 441
By Jason Sen - Oct 07, 2013

Corn just holding above 441/442 which may allow us to reach our selling opportunity at 444/445. This should hold the topside but shorts need stops above 448. If we continue higher look for the next ...

Jason Sen
Wheat Holds The Downside
By Jason Sen - Oct 07, 2013

Wheat for December continued lower as expected to our buying opportunity at 685/685. This held the downside as predicted and could hold again today but any longs need stops below 681 for a test of the...

Gail Tverberg
Our Oil Problems Are Not Over
By Gail Tverberg - Oct 07, 2013

If a person reads US newspapers, it is easy to get the impression that all of the world’s oil problems are over. But this is not really the case.An Overlooked Part of the Problem: High Oil PricesA ...

David Chapman
Chart Of The Week: Gold Vs. Bonds
By David Chapman - Oct 06, 2013

Gold Ratio ChartsIt was only recently that I looked at the Dow Jones Industrials/Gold ratio (DJI/Gold ratio). I wanted now to add another ratio that is often overlooked but is equally important. The ...