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Oil Demand In 2015 Will Be The Lowest In 12 Years
By - Dec 11, 2014

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announced a significant reduction in the demand forecast for its crude through 2015 to its lowest in 12 years. This forecast by OPEC came ...

Oil Markets Crash, Again
By ForexTime - Dec 11, 2014

In comparison with Tuesday’s frantic profit-taking, the financial markets were calmer on Wednesday. That was of course until OPEC unexpectedly announced it sees less demand for its own oil next ...

Vaclav Muzik
Natural Gas: Today's Forecast
By Vaclav Muzik - Dec 11, 2014

Wednesday’s Natural Gas trading was volatile touching low on 3.606$ and high on 3.741$. Price was closing around 3.71$ level. Winter snow-ice-rain took the steering and short players could use ...

Stuart McPhee
Gold: Steadies Below Resistance At $1240
By Stuart McPhee - Dec 11, 2014

Gold for Thursday, December 11, 2014 After surging so well a couple of days ago Gold has been content to consolidate and just slowly ease away from the resistance level at $1240 over the last day or ...

Jeff Miller
6 Crucial Facts About Oil
By Jeff Miller - Dec 10, 2014

It is magical! Whatever the topic of current interest, there is no shortage of pundits. The current energy experts were recently (it seems like only yesterday) the leading authorities on the Fed, ...

Jason Sen
Gold: Forecast
By Jason Sen - Dec 10, 2014

Gold beat 3 month trend line resistance at 1221 to hit our target & strong resistance at 1236/38. We topped almost exactly here at 1239. Again today there is a chance we will top out here, as we ...

Jason Sen
Silver Futures: Forecast
By Jason Sen - Dec 10, 2014

Silver hit our next target & strong resistance at 1700/10. A high for the day was expected to try shorts with a stop above 1730. We can try this again today but be ready to go with an unexpected ...

Chris Kimble
2 Indicators Suggest Trouble
By Chris Kimble - Dec 10, 2014

When crude oil was trading above $90, the Power of the Pattern suggested that the most important commodity on the planet could trade at least down to $70, due to this important pattern. A few weeks ...

Eric De Groot
Cocoa Generates New Impulse Wave
By Eric De Groot - Dec 10, 2014

The invisible hand, through a series of bullish setups as far back as early November on the possibility of shrinking cocoa supplies, has finally generated an up impulse. The impulse, illustrated by a ...

Simit Patel
Is Natural Gas Forming A Double Bottom?
By Simit Patel - Dec 10, 2014 4

Natural gas prices are rapidly approaching the swing-low that occurred on October 28, 2014. In technical-analysis parlance, that's known as a 'double bottom'. Technically, though, it might not be an ...

Erin Swenlin Heim
Gold Breaks Out
By Erin Swenlin Heim - Dec 10, 2014

As of 8/21/2014 Gold has been on a DecisionPoint Intermediate-term Trend Model SELL signal. Reason being that the 20-EMA crossed below the 50-EMA on 8/21/14 while the 50-EMA was below the 200-EMA. ...