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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Forex Million
Gold: Trading Along A Downtrend By Forex Million - Jun 25, 2015

Gold Main scenario:The pair is trading along a downtrend.The downtrend may be expected to continue in case the market drops below support level 1172, which will be followed by reaching support level ...

Paul Nathan
Inflation, The Money Supply And Gold By Paul Nathan - Jun 25, 2015

Inflation We received the latest inflation figures last week and they were up, down, and sideways. The CPI headline rate was up 0.4%. This was one of the sharpest increases in many months. But the ...

Stuart McPhee
Gold Desperately Tries To Hold Onto $1180 By Stuart McPhee - Jun 25, 2015

Gold – Thursday 25 June 2015 Throughout this week gold has fallen sharply from above the key $1200 level back to below $1180 where it is presently trying to hold onto. In the few days prior gold...

Mantra Commodity
Crude Trapped In Triangle By Mantra Commodity - Jun 24, 2015

Crude (24.06.2015) trapped in a tight range since beginning of May 2015 and still searching for a direction. However, the range bound move provides great trading opportunity for swing traders. Now as ...

Tory Enerson
U.S. Crude Stocks Take Back Burner To Greece By Tory Enerson - Jun 24, 2015

GDP data due out today should have an effect on whether or not strength remains in commodities based on US growth continuing to bolster demand. Worse than expected German economic data has taken back ...

Crude Oil Trading Near Main Resistance By ICN.com - Jun 24, 2015

Oil is trading near the main resistance areas of the sideways range as seen on the graph. Trading above moving averages 20 and 50 keeps the bullishness favored. A break above 61.40 is required to ...

Gold Currently Targets 1171.00 And 1162.00 By ICN.com - Jun 24, 2015

Gold stabilized below 23.6% Fibonacci retracement seen on the graph at 1179.00, which is a negative sign. Trading below 1189.00 is also negative. Gold is currently targeting 1171.00 and 1162.00, ...

Tiho Brkan
Chart Of The Day: Short Selling Agriculture By Tiho Brkan - Jun 24, 2015

Chart Of The Day: Funds hold cumulative short bets against Agriculture Today's chart of the day focuses on commodities, in particular agriculture. My last post was a video from The Economist ...

Gregor Horvat
Oil Remains Trapped In Sideway Range By Gregor Horvat - Jun 24, 2015

Crude oil remains trapped in a range after retracement back to 59 last week which is a pivot level of the price action since start of May. An updated count now shows wave (iv) triangle still in play ...

Chris Vermeulen
Sweet Spot For Gold Stock Investors By Chris Vermeulen - Jun 24, 2015

There is no question that precious metals along with gold and silver mining stocks are clearly out of favor with investors. Most of these stocks are 50, 70, even 85% since the 2011 top. It has ...