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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Ross Woodfield
Is The Oil Landscape Changing? By Ross Woodfield - Sep 01, 2015

Crude oil has charged higher in recent weeks on hope that supply may be curbed. An announcement from OPEC suggests they may begin to restrict supply to support a higher long term price. Is the oil ...

Gold Attempts Bounce Once Again By Dailyfx - Sep 01, 2015

Talking Points: Gold Prices Find Support, Attempt to Launch Recovery Anew Move Higher Looks Corrective Within Long-Term Down Trend Gold prices are attempting to return to the offensive having found ...

Ellen R. Wald, Ph.D.
Is OPEC Winning? By Ellen R. Wald, Ph.D. - Sep 01, 2015 3

It has been 9 months since OPEC decided not to scale back oil production and to permit its members to produce as much as they want. The result has been a tumultuous year for the crude oil market. ...

Simit Patel
Gold/Silver Ratio Bounces Off Key Resistance By Simit Patel - Aug 31, 2015

Below is a monthly chart of the gold/silver ratio. We see that since 2003, the market has tested the 80 number four distinct times (the red boxes in the chart). In each test, the market was able to ...

Tim Knight
Oil's Counter-Trend Rally By Tim Knight - Aug 31, 2015 1

Crude oil’s long bear market has been met with a ferocious counter-trend rally. I can’t say precisely when it’ll stop, but I am highly confident this is going to re-sink soon (not ...

Trader Moe
Oil’s Rising Megaphone Is Bearish By Trader Moe - Aug 31, 2015

Oil's Rising Megaphone (Red) Across Inverse H&S Neckline (Blue) is Likely Setting Up a Megaphone Move to a Lower Low Oil put in some amazing short squeezes over the past few days, putting in a ...

Dan Flynn
Corn, Ethanol Unchanged By Dan Flynn - Aug 31, 2015

China and Fed uncertainty is leading this morning's early selloff. It would be nice if all the Fed Chairmen get on the same page, whether it be dovish or hawkish, so the market does not have this ...

Phil Flynn
Oil Prices Dip After 17% Weekly Rally By Phil Flynn - Aug 31, 2015

Fed UpOil prices are dipping after a 17% weekly rally as Fed speakers put a September interest rate hike back into play and a drop in the Shanghai composite. Stanley Fischer, vice chairman of the ...

Gold- Fundamental Vs Technical Analysis By AvaTrade - Aug 31, 2015

Fundamental Analysis The precious metal is moving towards the upside because of the anxiety that traders are suffering over the decision taken by Bejing. The Chinese government wants to reverse its...

Gold Finds Strong Resistance Above 1136.35 By ICN.com - Aug 31, 2015

Gold attempted to move higher above SMA2, but strong resistances reside above current trading levels starting from 1136.35. The moderate positivity on ADX and pullbacks on RSI14 above 50.00 ...

Crude Oil May Test 46.95 By ICN.com - Aug 31, 2015

RSI14 shows signs of overbought, but we believe that oil will continue to incline based on stability above moving averages and above 23.6% Fibonacci. According to Fibonacci rules, breaching 23.6% ...