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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Dan Flynn
Insanity In Oil Supply, Demand Data By Dan Flynn - Oct 15, 2015

The API weekly inventories reported crude supplies had risen at 9.3 million barrels. These astonishing numbers do not really add up with rig counts and production crumbling before our eyes. This ...

Gold Trades Below Minor Resistance Of 1189.00 By ICN.com - Oct 15, 2015

Gold trades below the minor resistance of 1189.00 and that would bring bearish pressures, despite continuous attempts to breach this resistance towards 1199.00 or rather 1200.00 psychological. In ...

Oil Trades Near 46.00 Regions By ICN.com - Oct 15, 2015

ADX overlapped bearishly and that supports the negative crossover on moving averages, but at the same time, oil trades near 46.00 regions. A breakout below 46.00 will extend the bearish wave, as that...

Wall Street Daily
Riding With The Wind By Wall Street Daily - Oct 15, 2015

On August 3, the Obama administration unveiled its Clean Power Plan, which will require the nation to source significantly more energy from renewable sources by 2030. That’s a tall task, but the...

Jason Sen
WTI Crude Holds Below 4665/55 By Jason Sen - Oct 15, 2015

WTI crude holding below 4665/55 re-targets support at 4590/85, which is now the most important of the day, and key to future direction. It could be worth trying longs with stops below 4555, but we ...

Gold- Fundamental Vs Technical Analysis By AvaTrade - Oct 15, 2015

Fundamental Analysis The US retail data have taken all the singing and dancing away from the US dollar, which is under heavy selling pressure and hence we are experiencing another massive upward ...

Lead Breaks Resistance By MetalMiner - Oct 15, 2015

Lead prices broke short-term resistance levels on Friday. The move was in heavy volume, indicating that many investors are participating in the move. Prices stalled during the next two days but did ...

Bill Holter
What Will Happen To Silver And Gold? By Bill Holter - Oct 14, 2015 1

It has been a while since I have written anything close to being considered a "rant". Instead, using cool and common sense logic of connecting dots for readers has been my method of choice. Over just ...

Dan Flynn
Wednesday's Open: Lots Of U.S. Data By Dan Flynn - Oct 14, 2015

More Earnings and Reports Today Good Morning! We are getting bank earnings this morning and at 7:30 A.M. we have Business Inventories, PPI and Retail Sales. And at 3:30 P.M. we have the weekly API ...

Phil Flynn
Oil: All Shook Up By Phil Flynn - Oct 14, 2015

Well ‘a bless my soul what's a wrong with oil? It's itchin' like a man with a festering boil. The trading is actin' wild as a bug. It’s confused, it’s all shook up! Mixed signals is ...

IFC Markets
Markets Concerned By Probable Cotton Deficit By IFC Markets - Oct 14, 2015

Markets concerned by probable cotton deficit The cotton prices hit the high of three weeks after the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) downgraded its production forecast. The additional factor ...

Brian Twomey
Gold Trades In A 1056.34 – 1371.38 Range By Brian Twomey - Oct 14, 2015

From the 1168 close, gold trades in a 1056.34 – 1371.38 range. The wide variation derives from gold’s location as current prices trade between the 10 and 15 year averages. Neither average...

EWM Interactive
Gold Trying To Find A Major Bottom By EWM Interactive - Oct 14, 2015

The last time we spoke about gold was July 20th, 2015. In “Gold Fulfilling A Year-Old Forecast!”, we suggested the precious metal is probably getting ready for a major bullish reversal in ...