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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Tiho Brkan
Want To Buy Gold At $1,150, Today?
By Tiho Brkan - Nov 27, 2013

Chart 1: Gold and Silver CEF fund is currently trading at 7% discount  Source: Short Side of Long The Central Fund of Canada (CEF) holds 50% physical Gold and 50% physical Silver, stored in Canada....

Tiho Brkan
Bearish Silver Sentiment Returns
By Tiho Brkan - Nov 27, 2013

Chart 1: Silver sentiment is becoming extremely pessimistic againRegular readers of this site will remember that the overwhelming part of my fund is invested in precious metals, and in particular ...

Nicholas Santiago
Corn's Looming Upside
By Nicholas Santiago - Nov 26, 2013

The commodity corn has taken a big hit in 2013. As it has plummeted, many have started to look for a potential bottom, an entry price to go long. It is looking more and more likely that bottom is at ...

Tim Knight
Gold: Ten Sixty Eight Or Bust
By Tim Knight - Nov 26, 2013 1

The local coin dealer in town has been using his “Gold Is On Sale!” ad in the Palo Alto Daily News for months now. Back when gold was approaching $2,000, the tone of their ads was quite ...

Anna Coulling
Right Now, Gold Bulls Had Better Be Nimble
By Anna Coulling - Nov 26, 2013

Whilst the medium term trend for gold is certainly bearish, and indeed has become ever more so following the break below the key support level at $1260 per ounce, this is not to say that speculative ...

Tiho Brkan
Gold's Historical Corrections
By Tiho Brkan - Nov 26, 2013

The current Gold correction is the worst in over a decade, but that is understandable since Gold had a stellar run-up of 12 annual gains in the row (very rare for any asset class, but it does happen ...

Jan Skoyles
Daily Nugget: Gold Remains Under Pressure
By Jan Skoyles - Nov 26, 2013

Whilst the gold price made some gains overnight, thanks to some short-covering and options-related buying, it remains under pressure and without direction due to the amount of speculation surrounding ...