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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Kristina Leonova
Brent: Growth Did Not Last Long By Kristina Leonova - Aug 12, 2015

At the beginning of the week, Brent crude oil prices were likely to start growing due to the temporary weak US dollar; however, on Tuesday, a sharp fall followed. The price went lower than $49 per ...

Gold Faces Key Fibonacci Level At 1113.00 By ICN.com - Aug 12, 2015

Gold is presently facing the key Fibonacci level of 23.6% at 1113.00, as seen on the provided graph along with stable move above SMA20. Trading above 1097.00 is a positive factor, as it represents ...

Crude Oil Stabilizes Below 44.00 By ICN.com - Aug 12, 2015

Oil has stabilized below 44.00 regions yesterday and that triggered a strong bearish wave, influenced by the strength of the downtrend on ADX. Stability below SMA20 and SMA50 in addition to trading ...

Ross Woodfield
Oil: No Respite In Sight By Ross Woodfield - Aug 12, 2015

The January low in the Crude Oil market was broken yesterday, when the black gold tumbled to a six and a half year low. With the bearish trend dominating, the commodity’s rout is likely to ...

Copper Goes Way Of Aluminum And Crude Oil By MetalMiner - Aug 12, 2015

Copper prices have gone the way of aluminum and crude oil. Chinese trade data confirmed the expectation that demand will “remain slack” in the Far East nation, according to a recent report...

Jesse Felder
This Big Buyer Could Become A Seller By Jesse Felder - Aug 11, 2015

One Of The Single Largest Buyers Of Equities In The World Could Now Turn Seller As A Consequence Of The Oil Crash. For months now it’s been popular to consider the oil crash contained, that is ...