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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Jason Sen
Corn CME Forecast: Outlook Remains Weak
By Jason Sen - Nov 18, 2013

Corn resistance at 429/430 did hold a move higher, and as stated Friday it was not a big surprise to see a break lower to our target of 420/419. Below here today meets November lows at 415. The ...

Mingze Wu
Gold: Mildly Bearish But Bulls May Lurk
By Mingze Wu - Nov 18, 2013

Hourly ChartDespite closing last week with a mild gain, Gold prices remain strongly offered on Monday. Prices pushed lower immediately on open, reaching a low of 1,285 within the first 3 hours of ...

Mark Mead Baillie
Is Gold Going Down, Down, Down?
By Mark Mead Baillie - Nov 18, 2013 1

No, Ladies and Gentlemen, not my words. Rather 'twas the opening confabulation as exaggeratingly uttered in ever so bemoaning fashion to commence our Investors Roundtable on Sunday a week ago, two of ...

Michael Noonan
Wheat Developing Trade Potential
By Michael Noonan - Nov 18, 2013

Trade potentials usually do not announce themselves. They have to be ferreted out. We have been tracking wheat for several weeks because of how developing market activity is responding at current low ...

Warren Bevan
Easy Money, But Not In The Metals
By Warren Bevan - Nov 17, 2013

We started the week off very slowly but by Wednesday markets and stocks were breaking out higher nicely and we’ve got to follow the markets until they tell us to get out.Many stocks are ripping ...

Andrew Thrasher
A Few Bright Spots In Crude Oil
By Andrew Thrasher - Nov 17, 2013

Crude oil has been on a slide for the last two months. In August and September I highlighted the breakdown that had been taking place, which eventually lead to 15+% drop in value for the Oil ETF ...