Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Alex Gurr
Gold Set For A Swing Lower
By Alex Gurr - Oct 20, 2014

Gold surprised markets recently as it managed to claw back up the charts before hitting strong resistance in the market place. This was in part led by the recent volatility, which has occurred in the ...

Mark Mead Baillie
Positive Levels for Gold, For Now
By Mark Mead Baillie - Oct 20, 2014

A bevy of our best studies are pointing to more positive levels for Gold. We'll unfold 'em herein, but let's again begin with that topic which is hot, (or arguably not): the stock market. A mere 19 ...

Kurt Cobb
Oil Decline: Price Makes The Story
By Kurt Cobb - Oct 20, 2014

When the world's business editors sent their reporters canvassing to find out what is behind the recent plunge in the world oil price, they were doing what they do almost every day for every type of ...

Venelin Penchev
Gold: Bearish Or Bullish?
By Venelin Penchev - Oct 19, 2014

Looking at the weekly chart below we can see the price of gold trapped between the flat bottom line and the falling upper line. For the bulls the formation resembles a triple bottom, for the bears - a...

Warren Bevan
Chop For Metals And Blood For Markets
By Warren Bevan - Oct 19, 2014

A wild, tough week that saw some major declines and large swings. As for the metals, they are still mostly chopping around after a large decline. The chop and moves higher can last a couple months ...

Gary Hunt
Big Sale On Oil! Limited Time Only!
By Gary Hunt - Oct 19, 2014

That’s the real headline from the geopolitical reaction to falling oil prices. In the past falling world oil prices have provoked a meeting of the OPEC oil ministers who would agree to and ...