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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Matthew Weller
Gold: Bucking The Trend In The Buck By Matthew Weller - Mar 19, 2015

Markets calmed down Thursday after Wednesday’s staggering post-Fed moves. But many traders are still trying to catch their breath. The more forward-looking traders who were able to capitalize on...

Tim Knight
Going For Gold By Tim Knight - Mar 19, 2015

It’s been a good day so far (and a comic slap in the face to everything Yellen did yesterday……..just take a look at currency markets). I’m balancing my zillions of shorts ...

Sean Lusk
Pair Trade: Gold Strangle Into The FOMC By Sean Lusk - Mar 19, 2015

Gold futures have hovered around the 1150 level for the last five or six sessions. The sell-off from just above the 1200 level was predicated by the stronger than expected March unemployment ...

Neal Gilbert
Gold Rallying Right Up To Resistance By Neal Gilbert - Mar 19, 2015

As anticipated, markets were going absolutely bonkers after the Federal Reserve made their intentions known to the world yesterday. In terms of the statement, they pretty much did what was expected of...

Silver Finds Solid Support By ICN.com - Mar 19, 2015

Silver has found a solid support above 76.4% Fibonacci level where it moved sharply upwards trading above the Linear Regression lines as seen on the provided daily chart. MACD is gradually turning ...

Clif Droke
The Double-Edged Sword Of A Strong Dollar By Clif Droke - Mar 19, 2015

Until the latest pullback on Wednesday, the U.S. dollar index had been on a rip-and-tear for most of this year. Earlier this week the dollar hit a new multi-year high as concerns over Europe and China...

Tommy Humphreys
Climactic Bottoming Event In Crude Oil By Tommy Humphreys - Mar 19, 2015 3

I have not kept it a secret that I have been looking for a marginal new low in WTI crude to wash out weak handed longs, followed by a violent upside reversal. Yesterday this scenario happened in a ...

Mike Paulenoff
Natural-Gas Strength Aims At Shorts By Mike Paulenoff - Mar 18, 2015

Nothing in the analysis has changed except for the fact that natural gas has surged above key near-term resistance at 2.85 - 2.87, which if sustained, should trigger upside continuation that tests ...

Alfonso Esparza
Gold Steady Ahead Of FOMC By Alfonso Esparza - Mar 18, 2015

Unprecedented U.S. dollar strength has pressured commodity markets across the board, yet, despite its losses, gold remains one of the best performers in the precious metals complex, according to the ...