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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Jay Kaeppel
Natural Gas: Unfavorable Seasonal Period By Jay Kaeppel - Jul 23, 2015

As I wrote here, natural gas has showed a historical tendency to decline in price between June Trading Day #11 and July Trading Day #14 (Yes, it sounds ridiculous on the face of it, but, hey, the ...

Oil Beckoning Recession By Alvexo - Jul 23, 2015

The troubling EIA and API numbers released earlier this week confirm the oil patch is headed for another round of rough waters as the price breakout from a multi-month horizontal trend sees added ...

Imperial Options
Oil Falls Below $50, Inventories Rise By Imperial Options - Jul 23, 2015

Crude oil prices slumped on Wednesday, with West Texas Intermediate falling below $50 a barrel for the first time in more than three months after the Energy Information Administration reported an ...

Gold: Fundamental Vs Technical Analysis By AvaTrade - Jul 23, 2015

Fundamental Analysis Gold is falling out of favor among its lovers as the Fed is preparing themselves to increase the borrowing cost. This could remain the major hurdle for any upside move for the ...

Crude Oil May Turn Lower Towards 48.00 Target By ICN.com - Jul 23, 2015

Oil traded below 50.00 psychological and this is a negative factor which could send prices lower towards our target at 48.00. Areas of 48.00 represent 78.6% Fibonacci and it could be reached as far ...

Gold Did Not Achieve Breakout Below 1086.00 By ICN.com - Jul 23, 2015

Gold: The breakout below 1086.00 wasn’t achieved and this level represents 161.8% Fibonacci. This level is important and decisive for the direction. RSI14 attempts to inch higher and also ADX, ...

Keith Weiner
Why Is Gold Continuing To Drop? By Keith Weiner - Jul 23, 2015

I don’t mean the meaning of life, the universe and everything. I mean why are we in the gold market? This week and especially today, I have seen so many emails, messages, and articles with the ...

Halal Traders
Gold And Euro: Will 61.8% Holds This Week? By Halal Traders - Jul 23, 2015

In our article dated Jun 29, 2015 earlier, we mentioned "..expect price to plunge but no deeper than 50% retracement of the pennant pole.." Unfortunately it did as Greece gave in to the austerity ...

Steven Knight
Silver Ready For A Squeeze Play? By Steven Knight - Jul 23, 2015

The markets have recently been enthralled with the fall of gold and silver as the metals seek to make lower lows. However, Silver is facing a squeeze play as a small double bottom forms on the ...

Tim Knight
Shift Happened By Tim Knight - Jul 23, 2015

Allow me to limber up while I pat myself on the back – – or at least pat technical analysis on the back – – because, earlier today, I was vaguely remembering I had written a ...