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Commodities Analysis & Opinion

Gregor Horvat
Gold Moves Into Important Fibonacci Zone
By Gregor Horvat - Mar 17, 2014

Gold is at the highs once again, testing 1380-1400 area where we see some important Fibonacci levels that could react as resistance in this week. An updated count now shows a five wave move in wave ...

Jason Sen
Spot Gold: Very Overbought Short Term
By Jason Sen - Mar 17, 2014

Gold has shot higher again over night reaching our target of 1391 and topped almost exactly here at 1392. Short term we are very overbought now so perhaps gains will be more limited today. Immediate ...

Tiho Brkan
A Bullish Or Bearish Case For Gold?
By Tiho Brkan - Mar 17, 2014

After a strong start to the year (Gold is up over $200 per ounce or 15% YTD), many investors have already concluded that the Gold’s bear market is now over. How do we know for sure? Well, no one can ...

David Tablish
3 Critical Precious Metals Breakouts
By David Tablish - Mar 17, 2014

I’ve shown you several comparison charts with the Gold Bugs Index, HUI, SPDR Gold Trust ETF, (GLD) and iShares Silver Trust ETF, (SLV) that shows they all tend to break out at roughly the same ...

Mark Mead Baillie
A Long Term Bullish Trend For Gold?
By Mark Mead Baillie - Mar 15, 2014

But before embellishing Gold's having returned to that milestone, we begin this Saturday morning with Breaking News. Do you know what happened to Gold yesterday (Friday)? The FinMedia apparently did ...