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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Jason Sen
CGB Forecast: Break Higher Possible
By Jason Sen - Jul 28, 2013

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond did manage a push higher look to 131.70/71 which hold the topside exactly as predicted. However a break higher is possible today to see a gap to fill at 131.96 for a...

David Kotok
Follow-Up Thoughts On Detroit And Munis
By David Kotok - Jul 28, 2013

As a follow-up to the Detroit-Muni Bond series we have published, here are additional views: 1. John Ruiz of Morgan Stanley Matrix offers this: "Note to cross-over buyers: if you see Meredith Whitney ...

Louis Basenese
Three More Reasons To Be Wary Of Muni Bonds
By Louis Basenese - Jul 25, 2013

Earlier, I shared why Detroit’s bankruptcy filing could set a dangerous precedent.The city is trying to force municipal bondholders to accept less-than-full repayment. And that’s never happened before...

Mingze Wu
Hedge Funds Managers Say Sell Treasurys
By Mingze Wu - Jul 25, 2013

Hedge fund managers are the most bearish on 10-year U.S. Treasurys in 16 months, according to a new survey, as they position for a winding down of the Federal Reserve’s bond buying program.Of the ...

Michael Ashton
Quick Thought On Municipal Bankruptcy
By Michael Ashton - Jul 25, 2013

On CNBC yesterday, analyst Meredith Whitney commented that “everybody loses” from the Detroit declaration of bankruptcy.If that is the case, then why in the world are they seeking ...

Larry Doyle
Hoisington: The Case For Lower Long Term Rates
By Larry Doyle - Jul 24, 2013

When the herd on Wall Street is moving to one side of the boat, I am inclined to start thinking about moving to the other. Or at the bare minimum, I want to consider getting to the middle.I make that ...

Stuart McPhee
U.S. Dollar Tracks U.S. Yields Lower
By Stuart McPhee - Jul 23, 2013

The dollar edged lower in Asia on Tuesday as the slide in U.S. Treasury yields over the past two weeks gave investors less incentive to buy the greenback, while a sharp fall in Portuguese bond yields ...

David Kotok
Cheap Munis, Not Detroit
By David Kotok - Jul 23, 2013

We thank Michael Wilson of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and FactSet Research Systems for a compilation of returns. Michael’s commentary in July talked about how “There was no place to hide in ...