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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Jason Sen
CGB: Hit Resistance At 127.67/70
By Jason Sen - Sep 10, 2013

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond Dec made it to resistance at 127.67/70 with a high for the day expected and we topped exactly here. We should struggle here again today but if we continue higher ...

Jason Sen
Schatz: Overbought Short Term
By Jason Sen - Sep 10, 2013

Schatz beat 110.17 to hit the next target of 110.20/21. We look overbought short term in the bear trend at this stage but if we continue higher look for 110.25/26.Immediate support is 110.17 but below...

Jason Sen
10 Year Gilt: Strong Bear Trend
By Jason Sen - Sep 10, 2013

Gilts for December failed again just below 108.20. Below 107.80 keeps the market under pressure for 107.55/45 then 107.26 before a test of last week’s low at 107.16. We are in a strong bear ...

Jason Sen
Bund: End Of The Bear Trend?
By Jason Sen - Sep 10, 2013

Bund September bullish key day reversal on Friday in theory marks the end of the bear trend at this stage, as long as we hold above 136.40. Today any profit taking sees 137.40/35 which held the ...

Jason Sen
Bobl: Held Resistance At 123.04/07
By Jason Sen - Sep 10, 2013

Bobl held tough resistance at 123.04/07 to test 122.91/90 and below 122.88 today sees 122.79/77. This could hold the downside but any longs need stops below 122.70 for very good support at 122.62/61 ...

Lower Bond Yields Lift Home Builders
By  - Sep 09, 2013

Most of the leading home-builder stocks are trading higher. Today, bond yields on the 10-year U.S. Treasury Note are lower by 0.4 to 2.89 percent. Traders must be aware that home-builder stocks are ...

Jason Sen
CGB: Bounced From Lows At 128.38
By Jason Sen - Sep 09, 2013

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond bounced from August lows at 128.38 and managed a close above the 200 week moving average at 128.63 which is quite positive for this week. The December contract will ...

Jason Sen
Schatz: Held 110.01
By Jason Sen - Sep 09, 2013

Schatz held 110.01 and therefore the yearly low for 2012 at 109.98 last week. We shot way higher than expected as the market volatility increases. Above 110.17 today we should see 110.20/21. We should...

Jason Sen
10 Year Gilt: Beat 107.77/82
By Jason Sen - Sep 09, 2013

Gilts for December held Thursday’s range beating 107.77/82 to fail just below 108.20. Watch 108.20/24 as a break higher fills the gap at 108.41. Any shorts here need stops above 108.54 for a ...

Jason Sen
Bund: Hit 137.81
By Jason Sen - Sep 09, 2013

Bund September hit excellent support at 136.45/41 for a buying opportunity and bottomed exactly here. We rallied off an oversold position but rocketed way higher than expected to 137.81. This left a ...

Jason Sen
Bobl: Rocketed Back Through All Resistance
By Jason Sen - Sep 09, 2013

Bobl held Thursday’s low of 122.34 and completely unexpectedly rocketed back through all resistance to retest Wednesday’s high at 123.07. So we have tough resistance at 123.04/07 today and...

Carl Swenlin
Bond Yield Now Very Overbought
By Carl Swenlin - Sep 08, 2013

We have been observing how, in spite of the Fed's efforts, bond yields have been persistently rising, to the point where now they have become very overbought.On the weekly bar chart, we can see how a ...

Chris Kimble
Bonds Have Rallied When This Has Happened
By Chris Kimble - Sep 06, 2013

Dual multi-year channel resistance comes into play in the 10-year rate at (1) in the chart below. Since last summer, the rally in yields has been brutal to the price of bonds, as the yield on the ...

Wolf Richter
Largest Bubble In History Unwinds
By Wolf Richter - Sep 06, 2013

The bond-fund massacre has been spectacular. Prime example: antsy investors yanked $7.7 billion in August out of the largest bond fund in the world, Pimco’s Total Return Fund. In July, they’d yanked ...

Jason Sen
CGB: Outlook Still Very Negative
By Jason Sen - Sep 06, 2013

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond opened below 128.90/85 to hit August lows at 128.38. This is hugely important support and whether we close above or below this level today will determine direction ...

Matthew Bradbard
Treasury Complex On Its Heels
By Matthew Bradbard - Sep 05, 2013

US Treasury futures were lower for the third day running amid fresh signs of economic expansion, putting the yield of the benchmark 10-yr Notes on the cusp of rising above 3% for the first time in two...

Tim Knight
Interest Rates Break 6-Year Trendline
By Tim Knight - Sep 05, 2013

If this breakout means what I think it means, our dear friend Ben Bernanke, whom I shall curse through gritted teeth on my deathbed, is in serious trouble. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.