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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Bill Holter
Charlie Brown And Interest Rates By Bill Holter - Mar 11, 2015

Do you remember how Lucy always pulled the football each time Charlie Brown tried to kick it? To this day, he’s fallen on his rear end and every time while Lucy just snickers. This is exactly ...

Jay Kaeppel
Good Days For T-Bonds By Jay Kaeppel - Mar 11, 2015

The Best Time of Month to Hold Bonds Let’s make this as simple as possible. The best period of the month for t-bonds is (drum roll please): The last five trading days of the month. Well it ...

6 Days Until Bond Market Crash Begins By EconMatters - Mar 11, 2015

Run for the Exits Early on Thursday morning, realizing this was going to be a robust selloff in equities, the ‘smart money’, i.e., the big banks, investments banks, hedge funds and the ...

Ed Yardeni
Inflection Point For Bonds? By Ed Yardeni - Mar 09, 2015

The 2/27 WSJ reported that after Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s congressional testimony on February 24 and 25, Fed “officials fanned out to drive home the message that they are likely to start ...

Erik Swarts
Hot Cross Bunds: Government Bond Markets Cool By Erik Swarts - Mar 03, 2015

Hot cross bunds. Hot cross bunds. One a penny, two a penny, hot cross bunds. If you have no daughters, give them to your sons; one a penny two a penny, hot cross bunds. - Mother Goose We'd venture to ...

Market Pulse
Negative Yields: What Could Go Wrong? By Market Pulse - Mar 02, 2015

Some central banks have cut interest rates into negative territory in an effort to eke out some economic growth, but the step could spur unintended, counterproductive outcomes. “Negative rates ...

Danske Markets
Negative Swedish Fixed Income   By Danske Markets - Feb 27, 2015

There has been negative sentiment in the Swedish fixed income market for the past couple of weeks. Ten-year govvies have jumped around 15bp and underperformed both German and U.S. Treasuries. Our ...

Chris Kimble
TLT: Kissing Important Resistance Point? By Chris Kimble - Feb 26, 2015

(ARCA:TLT) hit long-term resistance (red line) of late and quickly declined around 10%. TLT has rallied a small percentage the past 10-days, taking to the underside of a 6-month rising channel.This ...