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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Jason Sen
CGB: Resistance Likely To Hold
By Jason Sen - Sep 23, 2013

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond December hit our buying opportunity at 127.65/60 with stops below 127.50 on Friday and this trade worked perfectly as we bottomed exactly at is ...

Jason Sen
The December CGB Outlook
By Jason Sen - Sep 20, 2013

Forecast for 20 September 2013Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond Dec held 128.40 resistance to test immediate support at 127.99/94, which just held the downside. However below here today look for a ...

Jason Sen
December's CGB Outlook
By Jason Sen - Sep 19, 2013

Forecast for 19 September 2013 Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond Dec was oversold on the daily chart & rocketed on FOMC to beat 128.04/07 & reach 128.40. This is quite good resistance but a ...

Michael Lombardi
Municipal Bonds: Becoming Dangerous
By Michael Lombardi - Sep 19, 2013

Major cities across the U.S. economy are struggling. Yes, we saw great cities like Detroit go bankrupt. But don’t for a second believe it’s all over. The reality is we will have more situations like ...

Andrew Thrasher
What's Ahead For Bonds?
By Andrew Thrasher - Sep 17, 2013

There’s been a lot of discussion on the bond market, mostly due to the Fed-induced anxiety as we wait for Wednesday's FOMC announcement.I”m going to use the iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG). ...

Jason Sen
CGB: Oversold On The Daily Chart
By Jason Sen - Sep 17, 2013

Ten-Year Government of Canada December bonds gapped open above 127.95 at 128.07 and then plunged throughout the session to support at 127.12/07 and bottomed almost exactly here at 127.02. below here ...

Jason Sen
CGB: Holding Sideways
By Jason Sen - Sep 16, 2013

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond Dec is holding sideways in a range after becoming very oversold on the daily chart. This could continue in to this week before staging a recovery. Strong resistance ...

Danske Markets
Weekly Bond Update   
By Danske Markets - Sep 13, 2013

Headlines European CDS indices have tightened gradually this week Reduced primary bond issuance in EUR compared with last week Uncertainty regarding the situation in Syria continues Market ...

Jason Sen
Schatz: Overbought Short Term On Bear Trend
By Jason Sen - Sep 13, 2013

Schatz opened above 110.20/21 and held this support to test recent highs at 110.26/27. We are overbought short term in a bear trend so perhaps the bounce is now over. A dip back to support at 110.21 ...

Jason Sen
10 Year Gilt: Gap Could Be Filled
By Jason Sen - Sep 13, 2013

Gilts for December opened above 107.50/54 which acted nicely as support and hit 108.00/03 for a selling opportunity with stops above 108.15. We topped at 108.14 but with a strong close we could push ...

Jason Sen
Bund 2: Overbought Short Term
By Jason Sen - Sep 13, 2013

Bund December opened above the gap at 137.40/44, held this support and headed for our selling opportunity at 137.97/99. We topped almost exactly here at 137.94 and sold off sharply to 137.52 for a ...

Jason Sen
Bobl: Overbought Short Term
By Jason Sen - Sep 13, 2013

Bobl beat 123.04/07 reaching 123.21/23 but topped at 123.30. We are overbought short term and could hit profit taking today after the small intraday double top formation yesterday. If we hold below ...