Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Tim Knight
Interest-Rate Break
By Tim Knight - Jul 23, 2014

Here on Slope, we’ve been watching CBOE 10-Year Treasury Note Yield Index and iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury (ARCA:TLT) for quite some time, waiting for a definitive move. Interest rates have been...

Tiho Brkan
Yield Curve Continues To Flatten
By Tiho Brkan - Jul 23, 2014

Chart 1: The long maturity end of the bond market has rebounded in ’14… Long Bond Performance Source: Short Side of Long Coming into 2014, just about every trader, investor, economist, ...

Tommy Humphreys
Trouble In Bond Land
By Tommy Humphreys - Jul 22, 2014

For the first time in nearly a year there is trouble brewing in bond land: HYG – High-Yield Corporate Bond ETF S&P 500 vs. HYG vs. PowerShares Leveraged Loan ETF (TO:BKL) This could be the first ...

Are Bonds Markets Up For A Sea Of Change?
By EconMatters  - Jul 20, 2014

Fading Strong Employment Reports The trend in the bond markets the last several months, and basically all of 2014 has been to buy bonds in the dead periods of econ reports, or the econ reports that ...

David Merkel
On Current Credit Conditions
By David Merkel - Jul 18, 2014

This should be short. Remember that credit and equity volatility are strongly related. I am dubious about conditions in the bank loan market because Collateralized Loan Obligations [CLOs] are hot now...

Marc Chandler
UK’s Shariah-Compliant Bond
By Marc Chandler - Jul 09, 2014

In late June, as many participants and the media focused on the fallout from UK Prime Minister Cameron's defeat in trying to object to Juncker's nomination for EC President, the UK became the first ...