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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Michael Ashton
Treasurys Throw A Curve Ball
By Michael Ashton - Mar 26, 2014

I saw a story on MarketWatch on Monday which declared that the “Treasurys most sensitive to rising interest rates” had been ditched by investors while those investors instead were “gobbling up ...

Chris Kimble
Stock Direction: Watch High-Yield Spreads
By Chris Kimble - Mar 25, 2014

High-yield funds are considered by many to be good leading indicators for the future direction of the stock market. Above are four high-yield funds (Not ETF's) that reflect a move higher this year: ...

Michael Harris
Bond Prices Attempting Another Rally
By Michael Harris - Mar 25, 2014

Bond prices have moved in a horizontal channel since the start of last month, but now there is a clear attempt at a breakout to the upside. The iShares Barclays 20+ Yr Treasury ETF (ARCA:TLT), will ...

Jason Sen
Bund: Selling Opportunity At 142.80/82
By Jason Sen - Mar 24, 2014

Bund struggled at 142.53/55 as expected and held below 142.65. Only above here would be seen as positive today and opens the door to a selling opportunity at 142.80/82. Stops on shorts above 142.90 ...

Jason Sen
CGB: Hit Good Support At 129.30/25
By Jason Sen - Mar 24, 2014

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond hit good support at 129.30/25 and bottomed here as predicted. We look for a bounce from here again today but be aware a break lower should test March lows at ...

Jason Sen
Gilts: Short Term Outlook Positive
By Jason Sen - Mar 24, 2014

Gilts eventually beat 109.18/22 and closed above 109.43. Short term outlook is quite positive and we could continue higher today to 106.60/66 then a gap to fill at 109.75/80 for a selling opportunity...

Jason Sen
Bobl: Outlook Quite Positive
By Jason Sen - Mar 24, 2014

Euro BOBL recovery reached resistance at 125.04 and held here. We should struggle here again today with the outlook quite negative, but if we push higher look for 125.11 then a selling opportunity ...

Cam Hui
Are Treasuries Poised To Rally?
By Cam Hui - Mar 23, 2014

Fed chairs are under intense scrutiny for their utterances. I can remember an interview with Paul Volcker who said that he felt so much under the microscope that when he went out to a restaurant, he ...

Sober Look
Shifting Focus In The Treasury Markets
By Sober Look - Mar 23, 2014

Treasuries once again experienced what amounts to a sharp curve flattening in recent days. The market action resembled what took place after the initial announcement of taper back in December (see ...

Chris Ciovacco
1994, Interest Rates And Your Portfolio
By Chris Ciovacco - Mar 21, 2014

Janet Yellen’s remarks Wednesday brought rising interest rates back into focus. If the bond market reacts and interest rates spike as they did in 1994, it could spell trouble for both stock and bond ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Time To Get Into Municipal Bonds?
By Gregory W. Harmon - Mar 20, 2014

Municipal bonds have been in the news recently and rocked with the troubles in Puerto Rico. That was until Vladdy Putsman decided he wanted a new vacation island home with views of the Black Sea on ...

Tim Knight
Bonds About To Slip Lower
By Tim Knight - Mar 16, 2014

With foreigners dumping US Bonds at a record rate, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised……one thing is for sure: it’s going to be a very interesting week ahead, particular with troll-doll making her ...