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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Wolf Richter
Did Bank of Japan Kill The JGB Market?
By Wolf Richter - Nov 06, 2013

“The JGB market is dead,” announced with finality Tetsuya Miura, chief bond strategist at Mizuho Securities, one of Japan’s 23 primary dealers that have to bid on Japanese government securities at ...

Todd Sullivan
Prevailing Rates vs. The 10-Year Note
By Todd Sullivan - Nov 05, 2013

“Davidson” submits:Thought this could stimulate some thinking.I do not think that the relationship shown in this chart is only open to only one interpretation. But, the way I look at this is that ...

Jason Sen
Bunds: More Negative This Week
By Jason Sen - Nov 05, 2013

Bund outlook more negative this week and below yesterday's low of 141.83 sees a test of support at 141.50 today. Watch for a bounce from here but a break below 141.40 cannot be ruled out and could ...

Jason Sen
Bund Outlook More Negative To Start Week
By Jason Sen - Nov 04, 2013

Bund outlook more negative as we start a new week and may see a test of support at 141.50 today. Watch for a bounce from here but a break below 141.40 cannot be ruled out and could target 141.22 on ...

Doug Short
Treasury Yields In Perspective
By Doug Short - Nov 03, 2013

Note from dshort: Now that Janet Yellen has been nominated to preside over the Fed, I've updated this long-term view of Treasuries.Let's have a look at a long-term perspective on Treasury yields. The ...

Chris Ciovacco
Bonds May Be Key Tell For Stocks
By Chris Ciovacco - Nov 03, 2013

Better Than Expected In Midwest When the Fed governors prepare to turn in for the night, their prayers undoubtedly call for some improvement in the economy. As noted this past Monday, the Fed is ...

Cam Hui
Trading Opportunity In Bonds
By Cam Hui - Oct 31, 2013

What a non-surprise from the Fed! As I awaited the FOMC announcement, I thought that the markets were expecting a highly dovish message that any hint of a balanced statement would cause the markets to...

Chris Kimble
Junk Bonds Break Support
By Chris Kimble - Oct 29, 2013

Junk bond mutual funds and ETF's started reflecting weakness back in May, about the time the S&P 500 was starting to struggle a bit. The decline in the junk market saw each of these six ...

Danske Markets
Unchanged Appetite For Danish Bonds   
By Danske Markets - Oct 29, 2013

New research from Danske Bank MarketsIn September, Danish investors net purchased foreign shares for the third consecutive month.Foreign investors net purchased Danish shares and government bonds and ...