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Chris Kimble
There May Be A Problem With Government Bonds
By Chris Kimble - Jul 03, 2014

  Downside action in bonds have to do with Wednesday's employment report? Nah. At least not so much. It's Bigger Than That The power of the pattern would suggest bonds have a bigger issue on their ...

Danske Markets
Strong Appetite Abroad For Danish Bonds‏  
By Danske Markets - Jul 02, 2014

In May Danish investors net purchased foreign shares and bonds, while foreign investors net purchased Danish shares and bonds. Foreign investors increased their holdings of government bonds, treasury...

David Kotok
Puerto Rico Gets The Cold Shoulder
By David Kotok - Jun 30, 2014

Last week was a difficult one for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. On Wednesday and Thursday, the governor and legislature passed a law creating a statutory framework for the Commonwealth’s ...

Chris Kimble
If This Breaks, Yields Could Fall 20%
By Chris Kimble - Jun 27, 2014

The yield on the U.S. 10-year note and U.S. 30-Year bell weather bond look to be creating head-&-shoulders tops. The 30-year yield (right chart) looks to have broken its neckline and continues to ...

Jason Sen
CGB: Expected Moves Higher
By Jason Sen - Jun 26, 2014

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond did continue higher as expected for our target of 135.95 before topping at 136.03. The sell off hit short term Fibonacci support at 135.56 and this could be retest ...

Jason Sen
Bund: Continuing Higher
By Jason Sen - Jun 26, 2014

Bund continued higher as predicted for a move towards 146.84/86 and topped just above here at 146.92. Severely overbought short term so perhaps the topside is more limited today, but picking tops in ...

David Merkel
A Few Notes On Bonds
By David Merkel - Jun 25, 2014

My comments this evening stem from a article entitled Bond Market Has $900 Billion Mom-and-Pop Problem When Rates Rise.  A few excerpts with my comments: It’s never been easier for ...

Steve Miley
US 10-Year Corrective Bias Above 124-23/24
By Steve Miley - Jun 25, 2014

U.S. 10-Year Corrective Bias above 124-23/24, but Firm Barrier at 124-31/ 125-00US 10yr future rebound riskA slightly positive tone on Tuesday, but still viewed as a digestion phase to start the week ...

Erik Swarts
Bonds: Bubble Bubble Toils And Troubles
By Erik Swarts - Jun 24, 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to inflation... Long-term Treasury yields failed to rise as well. And although the shadow of the markets reaction is short relative to the daylight provided, the ...

Ted Kavadas
The Bond Bubble
By Ted Kavadas - Jun 24, 2014

In previous posts I have discussed the Bond Bubble and its many facets, as my analyses indicates that the overall bond market is an exceedingly large asset bubble with immensely large and wide-ranging...

Peter Schiff
The Bond Trap
By Peter Schiff - Jun 23, 2014

The Bond Trap  The American financial establishment has an incredible ability to celebrate the inconsequential while ignoring the vital. Last week, while The Wall Street Journal pondered how the Fed ...

David Kotok
Taxable Fixed Income, Q2 Review
By David Kotok - Jun 23, 2014

After a positive first quarter, taxable fixed-income markets enjoyed an encore favorable performance for the second quarter. U.S. and global economic data, geopolitical unrest between Russia and the ...

Danske Markets
Strategy: More Punch In The Bowl‏    
By Danske Markets - Jun 20, 2014

Risk assets got a further boost this week from the continued dovish tone from Fed showing that the punch bowl will not be taken away any time soon – see Flash Comment: Fed statement balanced ...