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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Jason Sen
CGB Support Currently At 129.24
By Jason Sen - Oct 08, 2013

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond support at 129.24. If we continue lower look for 129.00 then a buying opportunity at 128.82/77. A low for the day is likely here but longs need stops below 128.65 ...

Tim Knight
If Only I Could Short Munis!
By Tim Knight - Oct 07, 2013

I just love this chart, but I don’t know of a good way to short municipal bonds. The bid/ask spread is wider than Roseanne Barr’s hips, and the borrow rate on the ETF -- if you can find ...

Charles Sizemore
Japan's Bond Market: Armageddon Postponed
By Charles Sizemore - Oct 07, 2013

You can’t call yourself a global macro trader until you have lost money shorting Japanese government bonds.-- John Mauldin delivered that one-liner, which he attributed to George Soros, in his outlook...

Jason Sen
CGB Close Below Support At 129.24
By Jason Sen - Oct 07, 2013

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond double top pattern triggered selling as predicted and we closed below support at 129.24. If we continue lower look for 129.00 then a buying opportunity at 128.82/77....

Tim Knight
Pixel-Perfect Junk
By Tim Knight - Oct 04, 2013

While strolling through charts -- which is pretty much all I do with my life -- I was struck by how amazing the High Yield Bond ETF (JNK) is lining up with its various trendlines. It completed a ...

Simon Lack
How To Lose Money On 4-Week Treasury Bills
By Simon Lack - Oct 04, 2013

Here is the first in what may become a series of financial market oddities brought on by the Federal government’s shutdown and the threat of a debt-ceiling related default.I noted a report that ...

Simon Lack
PIMCO’s Low Rate Forecast
By Simon Lack - Oct 03, 2013

Bill Gross’s monthly investment outlook is invariably worth reading, and this month is no exception. His writing is engaging as well as insightful, and as the overseer of $2 trillion in assets he’s ...

John Mousseau
The Muni Bounce Back
By John Mousseau - Oct 02, 2013

After what can only be described as a miserable summer for the municipal bond market, the muni market came back to life in the second part of September. Really cheap blocks of 5%+ yields became harder...

Tiho Brkan
A Rebound For Treasury Bonds?
By Tiho Brkan - Oct 01, 2013

If you have been reading this blog for long enough, you would understand that I am extremely negative on Treasury Bonds (actually almost all bonds). The view stems from the fact that interest rates ...

Gregor Horvat
Higher Bonds Means Higher EUR/USD
By Gregor Horvat - Sep 27, 2013

US bonds are still pushing higher, now at the new high of the week within wave 5 of 3) targeting 121.26 on five year and 126.70 on 10 year US noted. Correlation with USD is still negative so EUR ...

David Merkel
On Leveraged Municipal Bond Closed-End Funds
By David Merkel - Sep 27, 2013

I’ve received two notes recently on Closed-end Leveraged Muni Bond Funds. Here’s one: David, I have been asked several times about the Blackrock Target Term Municipal Bond Trust (“BTT”). The appeal is...

Simon Lack
Blackrock Forecasts Years Of Poor Bond Returns
By Simon Lack - Sep 27, 2013

Credit Peter Thiel, Blackrock’s deputy chief investment officer for fundamental fixed income, for providing an honest assessment of the outlook for fixed income. “Overall returns of the market will ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Treasury Bonds Remind Me Of Coal
By Gregory W. Harmon - Sep 25, 2013

I wrote that comment Monday evening and stand by it even with the rally in Treasuries Tuesday. The Euphoria in Treasury Bonds (TLT) seems almost giddy given the the many macro and micro indicators to ...