Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Michael A. Gayed
Draghi Saves Alternatives
By Michael A. Gayed - Sep 08, 2014

“If saving money is wrong, I don't want to be right!” - William ShatnerIn a world where bonds and stocks have correlated in an unusually high way, any kind of risk trigger has been ...

Erik Swarts
Tepper Calls An Audible On The Bond Market
By Erik Swarts - Sep 08, 2014

We've made the case before (see here) that for all the pomp and circumstance, Fed policy over the last three decades has done very little to deviate yields from what became a genuinely symmetrical and...

Gary Gordon
It’s About The Stimulus, Not The Economy
By Gary Gordon - Aug 26, 2014 1

At the beginning of the year, analysts and economists explained why interest rates would climb significantly. They anticipated a year-end 10-year yield of 3.4%, not 2.4%. Only a few bond-fund ...