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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

James Picerno
Is The Bond Market Really Hot?
By James Picerno - Feb 06, 2014

Marketwatch.com noted earlier this week that “bonds are suddenly the hot investment.” Barron’s offered a similar analysis a few days earlier: “Bond prices have surged so far this, defying ...

Jason Sen
Bobl: Signs Point To A Top
By Jason Sen - Feb 06, 2014

Bobl unexpectedly spiked higher beating 126.90 but topped at 126.99 leaving quite a negative candle and an indication that we have topped. Immediate support is 126.65 but below 126.60 is more ...

Jason Sen
Bund: Top Indicated (For Now)
By Jason Sen - Feb 06, 2014

Bund unexpectedly spiked higher but fell 8 ticks short of the 144.65 target to leave a negative candle and an indication of a top for now. We dipped towards support at 143.85/80 but if we continue ...

Jason Sen
CGB: Selling Opportunity At 131.80
By Jason Sen - Feb 06, 2014

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond held October highs and strong weekly Fibonacci resistance at 131.76/81 again yesterday and as expected headed lower through 131.60 to support at 131.21/16 which ...

Jason Sen
Gilts: Unexpected Spike Higher
By Jason Sen - Feb 06, 2014

Gilts unexpectedly spiked higher, to beat the 6 month trend line and Fibonacci resistance at 110.85/90. We topped at 111.09 but quickly fell back to leave a negative candle and a good indication that...

Jason Sen
Schatz: Could Start To Turn Lower
By Jason Sen - Feb 06, 2014

Schatz unable to beat November highs at 110.67 and could start to turn lower now in to the end of the week. Support at 110.60/59 again today then 110.56/55 which should hold the downside.110.66/67 is...

Credit Markets Remain Calm
By  - Feb 05, 2014

Even though equity markets have struggled to start the year, it should be comforting to note that credit markets have remained relatively calm. Credit spreads are one of the best ways to measure ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Are Munis The Place To Be?
By Gregory W. Harmon - Jan 31, 2014

Three weeks ago I took a trade in the Municipal Bond ETF (MUB) based on this technical review: Municipals Are Interesting For a Trade. It turned out to be a great trade but shook me out on a stop last...

Charles Sizemore
The Experts Say…Buy Bonds?
By Charles Sizemore - Jan 30, 2014

Buy bonds. That seemed to be the thrust of the 2014 Barron’s Roundtable.  After a year that was brutal for all income-oriented investments, the panelists on Barron’s annual Roundtable—which include ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Are Yields Done Falling?
By Gregory W. Harmon - Jan 30, 2014

If the yield on the 5-yr. and 10-yr. Treasury keeps going lower -- and they want to call a bottom and reversal -- technically, this would be a good place for it. The chart of the 5-yr. yield below ...

Michael Harris
Bond Prices Rise, Bears Scramble For Cover
By Michael Harris - Jan 30, 2014 2

When the majority expected bond prices to fall because of the Fed reducing bond buying, bond prices rose because of the Fed reducing bond buying! Is it because of the QE tapering itself or because ...

Have Long-Dated US Treasury Bonds Bottomed?
By  - Jan 27, 2014

US Treasury bonds are perhaps a key asset to watch these days, largely because the enormity of the market can cause it to have an impact on other markets provided there is a large flow into or out of ...

Andrew Thrasher
The Bond Chart I’m Watching Right Now
By Andrew Thrasher - Jan 26, 2014

Bonds have begun to come back to life in 2014 as traders began to realize that the Federal Reserve pulling back on its bond buying program is not the end of the world and that sentiment towards bonds ...

Chris Kimble
Bonds, Yields And Outflows: The Technicals
By Chris Kimble - Jan 24, 2014

The yield on the 30-year bond has created a multi-year bearish rising wedge and is breaking lower support of this bearish pattern above, after hitting its 61% Fibonacci retracement level.The yield on ...