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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Trader Moe
JNK Triangle Legal For Breakout By Trader Moe - Nov 23, 2014

SPDR Barclays High Yield Bond (ARCA:JNK) has been forming a triangle (navy blue on chart) since spring of 2012. The triangle formed across VWAP of a megaphone (red on chart) that’s been forming since...

Chris Puplava
Credit Markets Signal Near-Term Caution By Chris Puplava - Nov 19, 2014

Since the S&P 500 bottomed at 1820 on October 15, it is up roughly 12.5% and has seen only 6 down days in the last month. According to trading desks, steady growth in the U.S. and China, ...

James Picerno
Conundrum For Treasury Yields By James Picerno - Nov 19, 2014

New York Fed President William Dudley is inclined to ignore the recent drop in inflation forecasts via the Treasury market. In a speech last week, he explained that “in assessing inflation ...

Danske Markets
Fixed Income Market Watch: Sweden   By Danske Markets - Nov 18, 2014

A quantitative run through of the Swedish fixed income market, starting with the Riksbank and money markets before moving on to government and mortgage bonds. To Read the Entire Report Please Click ...

Saxo Bank
Japan's GDP Miss Builds Case For Snap Election By Saxo Bank - Nov 17, 2014

Credit: US 2.32%, UK 2.11%%, GE 0.78% US 10 years were slightly wider on the week, while on the old continent, credit tightened considerably as most yields closed the week at their tightest levels. ...

Jason Sen
CGB: A Retest Of Last Week's Lows? By Jason Sen - Nov 12, 2014

10-Year Government of Canada Bond below 136.60 today is likely to add pressure and retest last week's low at 136.40. A break lower not out of the question and would keep the market in a 4 week bear ...

John Mousseau
Bonds And The U.S. Election By John Mousseau - Nov 06, 2014

The results are in and what we see – with some races still being decided – is 52 seats now in the Senate for the Republicans and a 10-seat pickup in the House of Representatives, further ...

Sober Look
Mortgage Bond Issuance Lowest Since 2000 By Sober Look - Nov 03, 2014

The availability of residential mortgage bonds in the United States has been shrinking. Private mortgage securitization markets are nonexistent since the financial crisis and the GSEs are not ...