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The Bottom Is In For Treasuries
By EconMatters  - Aug 10, 2014

Russian Invasion Tension It occurred Friday morning while most traders were asleep in illiquid markets where the 10-Year was forced down to basically 2.35% in Yield first on Ukraine worries over the ...

Dominic Cimino
Death Crosses And The 10-Year Yield
By Dominic Cimino - Aug 08, 2014

A colleague friend of mine recently mentioned a Death Cross that has presented itself on the 10-Year-yield chart. He showed that when in the past the 50-day moving average for 10-yr. yields has moved ...

David Merkel
On The Recent Anxiety In High-Yield Bonds
By David Merkel - Aug 08, 2014

Quoting the beginning of a recent article at As junk bonds plunge in value, many investors are wondering why. There’s no obvious explanation for the 1.5 percent decline in U.S. ...

Erik Swarts
At The Break Zone In Yields
By Erik Swarts - Aug 07, 2014

Despite indications of short-term momentum and sentiment extremes, 10-year yields continue to follow the arc of the 1994/1995 rate tightening cycle and are currently hovering around the break-zone of ...

James Picerno
Dangerous Summer: Risk-Off Is On Again
By James Picerno - Aug 07, 2014

Late last month I wondered if lower yields were signaling higher risk? The question still resonates. Indeed, the benchmark U.S. 10-Year Treasury yield is under 2.50% again, or near the lowest levels ...

Gary Gordon
Don’t Fight The T-Bill ETF Trend
By Gary Gordon - Aug 04, 2014

Media pundits have attributed recent stock skittishness to geopolitical tension in Eastern Europe, military conflict in the Middle East, a 4.0% initial reading for 2nd quarter GDP growth, a hawkish ...

Lance Roberts
The Interest-Rate Conundrum
By Lance Roberts - Aug 01, 2014

After several months of quite complacency, investors were woken up Thursday by a sharp sell off driven by concerns over potential rising inflationary pressures, rising credit default risk and weak ...

Danske Markets
Higher US Rates And A Steeper EUR Curve In H2‏  
By Danske Markets - Aug 01, 2014

It is time to start fading the long-end driven fixed-income rally. Fed hikes are drawing closer, growth is picking up and positioning has become more square following a short squeeze in long-end USD ...

Erik Swarts
Stepping Down With 10-Year Yields
By Erik Swarts - Jul 31, 2014

Despite Wednesday's strong GDP print that reinvigorated the raise-rates camp and sparked an almost 4 percent rally in 10-year yields, we continue to feel these participants are once again placing the ...

US Treasury Bonds Are Still Outperforming Everything
By  - Jul 31, 2014

U.S. Treasury Bonds are still the ultimate winner, in spite of the balance sheet problems the US government faces. As the chart below illustrates, 20+ year Treasury bonds are outperforming every other...

James Picerno
Are Lower Yields Signaling Higher Risk?
By James Picerno - Jul 30, 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to higher interest rates: yields took a surprising turn lower. The 10-Year Treasury yield yesterday dipped under 2.47%, near the lowest level since a swoon in ...