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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Ed Yardeni
Junk Bonds Getting Junkier By Ed Yardeni - Aug 20, 2015

One of the best coincident and real-time indicators of bursting bubbles and recessions is the yield spread between US high-yield corporate bonds and the 10-year US Treasury. It isn’t flashing ...

Trader Moe
The 10-Year Has Broken Out By Trader Moe - Aug 19, 2015

The 10-year Treasury bond has Broken Out of its Rising Wedge (Pink) for its Retrace to 125-16 The 10-year t-note has broken out of its extended rising wedge (pink) for its retrace to 125-16. Watch ...

Clive Maund
Junk Bonds Call For Market Crash By Clive Maund - Aug 18, 2015

We have looked at plenty enough evidence in recent weeks that a crash is looming for US markets, and now we are going to take a look at another important piece of evidence that we haven’t ...

Michael Pento
A Street Car Named ‘Treasuries’ By Michael Pento - Aug 17, 2015

In the 1947 Tennessee Williams play “A Streetcar Named Desire” as she is being carted off to the mental institution Blanche Dubois utters these famous words …“I have always ...

Ashraf Laidi
German-U.S. Yield Spread Breaks out By Ashraf Laidi - Aug 13, 2015

Bond yields fell across the board since mid-June, but the more meaningful fact for currency traders remains yield differentials. For EUR/USD watchers, the rate of decline in 10-year bund has been ...

Jay Kaeppel
T-Bonds And The End Of August By Jay Kaeppel - Aug 13, 2015

As I have written about in the past (here, here and here) the last five trading days of the month tend to be “the best of times” for t-bonds. T-bonds have showed a particularly strong ...

Tim Knight
Time To Short Those Bonds By Tim Knight - Aug 12, 2015

Last night, driving at 1:30 in the morning with my son to find a place to look at the meteor shower, I was telling him about the magical world of Dennis Gartman. I described the entire Gartman meme ...

Chris Kimble
These Breakouts Suggest Lower Rates By Chris Kimble - Aug 11, 2015

Its easy to turn on the TV or go on the web and find a discussion about how the Fed is going to raise rates. Government bonds and utilities are often viewed as being sensitive to interest rates. If ...