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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Danske Markets
Foreign Demand For Danish Assets     
By Danske Markets - May 06, 2014

Danish investors net purchased foreign shares and bonds in January, while foreign investors net purchased Danish shares and net sold Danish bonds. The foreign ownership share of all DKK-denominated ...

Sober Look
The Unprecedented Chase For Yield
By Sober Look - May 06, 2014

The major market surprise of 2014 so far has been the extent of investors' appetite for yield in the developed fixed income markets. It has been quite spectacular. The Eurozone in particular has been ...

Sid Klein
Stay Long PMs — Don't Be Fooled Again
By Sid Klein - May 05, 2014

A quick look at long rates and the Dollar, before proceeding to the precious metals: LONG BONDS (ARCA:TLT) The 1-year TLT chart (Barclays 20+ year Treasury Bond Fund) below has recently been even ...

Erik Swarts
Eye On The 10-Year Yield
By Erik Swarts - Apr 30, 2014

The most fatal illusion is the settled point of view. Since life is growth and motion, a fixed point of view kills anybody who has one - Brooks Atkinson With another Fed meeting and prospective taper ...

Jason Sen
Bund: Immediate Support Is 144.13/07
By Jason Sen - Apr 30, 2014

Bund has some trend line resistance at 144.30 but above here is positive and can target 144.43/48. Above 144.50 then opens the door to a retest of April highs at 144.64. A break higher targets ...

Jason Sen
CGB: Shorts Need Stops
By Jason Sen - Apr 30, 2014

Ten-Year Government of Canada Bond held the low last week of 130.16/12 as expected and recovered to close above 130.42/39. If we can hold this support and break above 130.58 we should target ...

Jason Sen
Bobl: Resistance At 125.76/77
By Jason Sen - Apr 30, 2014

Bobl resistance at 125.76/77 could hold a move higher again today but shorts need stops above 125.80. A break higher then targets April highs at 125.90/91. Be aware that a break higher from here ...

Jason Sen
Gilts: Trend Line Support At 109.90
By Jason Sen - Apr 30, 2014

Gilts have trend line support at 109.90 then Fibonacci support and last week's low at 109.80/75. Any longs need stops below 109.68 for a move towards 109.49/48. If this does not hold the downside ...

Gary Tanashian
This Ratio Last Broke Down In 2007
By Gary Tanashian - Apr 29, 2014

Along with the highly publicized loss of leadership from big tech, the US stock market is now in danger of losing another, and possibly more important leader, the piggies or banking sector. While the ...

Jason Sen
Bund: Outlook Negative
By Jason Sen - Apr 29, 2014

Bund made it to 144.40 but not as far as Friday's 144.48/51 high. We did then see some profit taking as expected towards support at 144.15/12, bottoming at 144.21. Look for a test of 144.15/12, then ...