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The 5 Most Crowded Trades: Part 2
By EconMatters - Mar 17, 2015

Bonds The most crowded trade on Wall Street, the globe, or a beach in Brazil is the Bond Yield Chasing/Price Appreciation trade. This sector or asset class is an absolute bubble, the magnitude of ...

Danske Markets
Fed Hikes Near As ECB Launches QE  
By Danske Markets - Mar 17, 2015

Review The initial reaction in the European fixed income market to the ECB QE launch has been significant. The long end has led the move and we have seen an aggressive curve flattening with 30Y ...

Michael Pento
Beware The Inverted Yield Curve
By Michael Pento - Mar 16, 2015

In the movies, an edgy musical score is an effective tool that warns the audience something really bad is about to happen. Like the shrill screech in Psycho, certain sound effects forebode impending ...

The ECB Should End QE Next Month
By EconMatters - Mar 15, 2015

Mario Draghi backed into Unenviable Corner This was an instance where the markets pushed Mario Draghi in a direction that really wasn`t necessary, an area he knew deep down was fruitless, and in the ...

Mike Paulenoff
10-Year T-Bill And Next Week's Fed
By Mike Paulenoff - Mar 13, 2015

Is the U.S. 10-Year Treasury note telling us anything about what the Fed might say -- or not say -- next week? One thing that the recent upmove in yield suggests is that despite deflationary ...

Bill Holter
Charlie Brown And Interest Rates
By Bill Holter - Mar 11, 2015

Do you remember how Lucy always pulled the football each time Charlie Brown tried to kick it? To this day, he’s fallen on his rear end and every time while Lucy just snickers. This is exactly ...

Jay Kaeppel
Good Days For T-Bonds
By Jay Kaeppel - Mar 11, 2015

The Best Time of Month to Hold Bonds Let’s make this as simple as possible. The best period of the month for t-bonds is (drum roll please): The last five trading days of the month. Well it ...

6 Days Until Bond Market Crash Begins
By EconMatters - Mar 11, 2015

Run for the Exits Early on Thursday morning, realizing this was going to be a robust selloff in equities, the ‘smart money’, i.e., the big banks, investments banks, hedge funds and the ...