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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Patrick MontesDeOca
What's Ahead For The 10-Year Note?
By Patrick MontesDeOca - Dec 30, 2013 |   1

I have written extensively about gold, silver, interest rates, bonds and inflation in the recent past. I always find people respond in a manner that exposes their personal vulnerabilities or ...

Jason Sen
Bund: Broke 139.70/65 Support
By Jason Sen - Dec 30, 2013

Bund broke 139.70/65 support, tumbled further than expected towards the October low of 138.79. We bottomed just above at 138.83 so watch to 138.83/76 area closely. We are very oversold short term so a...

David Merkel
Why Buy Convertible Bonds?
By David Merkel - Dec 29, 2013

I sometimes answer questions for those at Klout.com that ask basic investing questions. Usually I point to old articles of mine, but this time someone asked a question that I have not answered before,...

Mingze Wu
U.S. 10 Year: Testing 3% Again
By Mingze Wu - Dec 27, 2013

The 10-year Treasury Note briefly touched 3% yesterday but closed back below the line in the sand by the end of the trading session. Was hitting 3% a big surprise? Not really as bond prices have been ...

Tim Knight
Bonds Continue To Slide
By Tim Knight - Dec 26, 2013

As I’ve said ad nauseum, interest rates accelerating higher could be the defining theme of 2014. Since bottoming in July 2012, the ten-year T-note rate has more than doubled. Freakishly, real estate ...

Peter Brandt
The Bobl: Major Pattern Forming
By Peter Brandt - Dec 26, 2013

I am a chartist. I do not attempt to understand macro economics. The charts provide possibilities and probabilities, not predictions of certainties. The German Bobl (5-Yr Bond) is forming a H&S top on...

Tim Knight
Interest Rates Will Define 2014
By Tim Knight - Dec 24, 2013

As the world warms itself around the comforting glow of Twitter Inc, (TWTR), Facebook Inc, (FB), Google Inc, (GOOG) and all the other red-hot stocks of 2013, I’d like to quietly point out that ...

Michael Harris
More Test of Support For This Bond ETF
By Michael Harris - Dec 20, 2013

The Barclays U.S. 20+ Year Treasury Bond Index tracking ETF (TLT) is about to test crucial support near $102.16 for the fifth time since August. Usually, when a support level is tested several times ...

Chris Kimble
JNK vs. SPY: Important Support
By Chris Kimble - Dec 19, 2013

When it comes to "what have you done for me lately", the junk-bond ETF JNK doesn't have much to brag about. Since early May, JNK is lagging SPY by almost 15%. I look at the S&P 500 as the general and ...

Jason Sen
Bund: Negative Outlook Below 100DMA
By Jason Sen - Dec 19, 2013

Bund held 140.45/50 resistance again and spiked lower to support at 139.80/75. We bottomed almost exactly here at 139.69 and returned to the recent range of 140.05/00 to 140.45/50. Only above 140.60 ...

Cam Hui
Watch That Risk Premium! (Taper Edition)
By Cam Hui - Dec 19, 2013

To be honest, I did not expect a December taper. That's because there was no consensus at the Fed as to what kind of forward guidance language to give Mr. Market so that it wouldn't freak out. The Fed...

Gary Gordon
Bond ETFs: Buy Them Ahead Of The Fed?
By Gary Gordon - Dec 17, 2013

Nearly every writer, speaker, analyst and prognosticator has convinced market participants that bond yields can only go higher from here. The rationale? U.S. economic growth is expanding, employers ...