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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Cam Hui
Are Treasuries Poised To Rally?
By Cam Hui - Mar 23, 2014

Fed chairs are under intense scrutiny for their utterances. I can remember an interview with Paul Volcker who said that he felt so much under the microscope that when he went out to a restaurant, he ...

Sober Look
Shifting Focus In The Treasury Markets
By Sober Look - Mar 23, 2014

Treasuries once again experienced what amounts to a sharp curve flattening in recent days. The market action resembled what took place after the initial announcement of taper back in December (see ...

Chris Ciovacco
1994, Interest Rates And Your Portfolio
By Chris Ciovacco - Mar 21, 2014

Janet Yellen’s remarks Wednesday brought rising interest rates back into focus. If the bond market reacts and interest rates spike as they did in 1994, it could spell trouble for both stock and bond ...

Gregory W. Harmon
Time To Get Into Municipal Bonds?
By Gregory W. Harmon - Mar 20, 2014

Municipal bonds have been in the news recently and rocked with the troubles in Puerto Rico. That was until Vladdy Putsman decided he wanted a new vacation island home with views of the Black Sea on ...

Tim Knight
Bonds About To Slip Lower
By Tim Knight - Mar 16, 2014

With foreigners dumping US Bonds at a record rate, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised……one thing is for sure: it’s going to be a very interesting week ahead, particular with troll-doll making her ...

Erik Swarts
Yield Notes
By Erik Swarts - Mar 12, 2014

Since testing and ultimately being rejected by the upper limits of last September's highs, 10 year yields have consolidated in a narrow 20 basis point range between ~ 2.6-2.8%.  Our general take on ...

Danske Markets
Sweden: 5Y Bonds To Be Introduced     
By Danske Markets - Mar 11, 2014

Nordea Hypotek and SEB will introduce new 5Y bonds, which will be the next 5Y benchmark bonds deliverable in the 5Y bond forward. The coupon rates are set at 2.25% (SEB) and 3% (NDH), respectively, ...

Bruce Krasting
Puerto Rico's Munis: A Big Deal
By Bruce Krasting - Mar 10, 2014 2

In March of 2011 I had this to say about Puerto Rico and its muni bonds: The weather is great. The beaches are beautiful. The food is good and the drinks are better. The bonds, on the other hand, ...

Andrew Thrasher
Are Bonds About To Weaken?
By Andrew Thrasher - Mar 05, 2014

The bond market has been the star performer for 2014 with the 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) up nearly 6%. In January I discussed the bond chart I was watching and highlighted the positive ...

Michael Lombardi
Bonds: Something Wicked This Way Comes
By Michael Lombardi - Mar 04, 2014

The bond market is in trouble. As we all know, the Federal Reserve has been the biggest driver of bonds since the financial crisis. The central bank lowered its benchmark interest rate to near zero, ...

Jeff Pierce
Where Bonds Could Find Resistance
By Jeff Pierce - Mar 02, 2014

I continue to believe the bull market in bonds is over and these will trade lower over the coming years, however small rallies within that downtrend will appear from time to time. Should this continue...