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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Wall Street Daily
The Bond Market And You By Wall Street Daily - Dec 07, 2015

When most of us think about “the market,” stocks – Apple (O:AAPL), Microsoft (O:MSFT), Johnson & Johnson (N:JNJ), General Electric Company (N:GE) – are front of mind. This ...

Trader Moe
The Ten-Year Killed Its Breakout By Trader Moe - Dec 03, 2015

The 10-Year Killed Its Potential Price Channel Breakout to Complete a Megaphone Right Shoulder on its Inverse H&S Bottom. The 10-year has cancelled its potential price channel melt-up set-up to ...

Daniel Sesay
U.S. Treasuries Brace For Impact By Daniel Sesay - Dec 01, 2015

US Treasuries continue to move higher ahead of the FED meeting, tracking their European counterparts. Draghi has promised QE into the bond market, so it makes sense for European bonds to make the ...

Sol Palha
Will Bonds Crash In 2015? By Sol Palha - Nov 27, 2015

The trend in bonds was bullish for a long time, and one can see how bonds ran up during that time frame. Currently, its neutral and that also has to be viewed through a bullish lens as it should have ...

Marc Chandler
U.S. Bond Premiums At Multi-Year High By Marc Chandler - Nov 25, 2015

This Great Graphic was composed on Bloomberg. It shows two time series. The yellow line shows the premium the U.S. pays over Germany for two-year money. The white line shows the premium the US pays ...