Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Dan Norcini
The Bond Bull Refuses To Die
By Dan Norcini - Jan 06, 2015

Call this the market that simply will not die. As mentioned in some previous posts, just about the time one thinks that this market is finally ready to turn lower, marking the onset of the end of the ...

Simit Patel
Is TLT Getting Ready For A Move Up To 132?
By Simit Patel - Jan 04, 2015

iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury ETF (ARCA:TLT), a fund that tracks 20+ year Treasury bonds, closed last week with a strong up day that tested a key resistance level. The chart below ...

Petros Steriotis
German Bund Making All-Time Highs
By Petros Steriotis - Dec 29, 2014

The German 10-Year bond is marking new all-time highs. The yield is down to a historic low of 0,60% as dovish ECB rhetoric on interest rates and slow economic growth in the Eurozone area create ...

Wade Slome
What's Really Driving ZIRP?
By Wade Slome - Dec 26, 2014

Recently I've written about the head-scratching, never-ending, multi-decade decline in long-term interest rates (see chart below). Who cares? Well, just about anybody if you bear in mind the way ...

Cumberland Advisors
Taxable Fixed Income: A Year In Review
By Cumberland Advisors - Dec 24, 2014

Taxable fixed-income markets continued to perform well for the last quarter of 2014. If one thing remained consistent throughout the year, it was the duration of the unexpected fixed-income rallies. ...

Tim Knight
Buying Bonds
By Tim Knight - Dec 22, 2014

In the interest of alliteration, I bought a buttload of bonds earlier today and I intend to hang on to them. Bonds have had an amazing year, and I have long held that interest rates are heading much ...

Trader Moe
10-Year T-Note Long-Term Bottom Forming
By Trader Moe  - Dec 22, 2014

U.S. 10-Year T-Note rates have reached the point in their almost 3-decade price channel (gray on chart) where they have to be at least half way through a long-term bottoming formation.The formation ...

Doug Short
Treasury Snapshot: Post-Fed And Pre-Christmas
By Doug Short - Dec 21, 2014

Quantitative Easing is over, the last FOMC meeting of the year is behind us and Christmas is just around the corner. Let's take a quick look at what's been happening for US Treasuries. The yields on ...

Chris Kimble
Interest Rates Could Rise Sharply From Here
By Chris Kimble - Dec 21, 2014 2

One year ago this week, the Power of the Pattern suggested interest rates were due for a BIG CHANGE and readers purchased iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury (ARCA:TLT). Patterns suggested an interest...

John Mousseau
Municipals Post Solid Year
By John Mousseau - Dec 18, 2014

As we cruise into the last two weeks of the year, it is instructive to note the sea change in the municipal-bond market in 2014. The beginning of 2014 saw long tax-free bonds of the highest grade at ...

Ed Yardeni
The Next Financial Crisis?
By Ed Yardeni - Dec 17, 2014 1

Of course, debt defaults are likely to occur among oil producers. But I doubt they will trigger a financial crisis comparable to what happened in 2008 and 2009. Most of their junk bonds are in bond ...